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How To Water Fast the RIGHT Way!

by Jakyia Millner 4 years ago in health

Guide for Females to Begin Their Water Fast Correctly

What You Need to Know Before the Water Fast:

During a water fast, you must only consume nothing but water! People normally go through a water fast for religious reasons, to see if they can do it, or for health benefits, but many do not know how to complete a water fast successfully without harming their bodies during the process. This thread is to show you, especially women, on how to prepare your body for a water fast so that you can have a successful water fast and keep the weight off, as well!

As women, our hormones can get out of wack easily. An example: during that time of the month, or even eating something differently! So, our bodies need to be regulated in order for us to stay clear from health issues. With that being said, we as women should NOT go into a water fasting straight away—we need to ease ourselves into it. This thread will give you a five day countdown on what you will need to cut out so that, when you do begin your water fast, it will be easier to complete without harming your body!

Day 5—Meat be gone!

During the 5th day of the fast (we are counting down), you must do away with meat and sugars. So, during this day, you can seriously eat anything except meat and sugars. It might be hard for you if you drink coffee in the morning like I do, but, if you do this, your body will cut that “want” of sugars and meats out once you start your water fast.

Day 4—It's time to cut out those sugary drinks!

Alright, coffee lovers and sugar heads, it's time to cut the crap and only drink water. By this day, you should have already cut the sugar, meat, and sugary drinks (this includes drinks that you add sugar to). Also by this day, your body should be thanking you with going to the bathroom every three hours—I mean, you are drinking a lot of water during this day so of course you’ll be peeing continuously.

Day 3—Got carbs? Got fats?

Yes, today is the day to cut them carbs and fats! Yea I know, it’s in literally everything we love, but if you want to go through the fast and see results, then stop eating carbs and fats on this day. This means no pasta, no wheats, no grains, no NUTS, and no beans. Nuts and beans are very healthy for our body, but, unfortunately they pack a lot of fat that causes us to get full quickly, and, during the fast, we don’t want to feel full like that—we want to feel light and airy.

Day 2—Bye Bye, Veggies

Alright, by this day, you should be at nothing but vegetables and fruits, and now it’s time to take away the vegetables. During this day, you should only be eating fruits and drinking water. Also, you should be experiencing a lot of trips to the bathroom, because, by now, you should already be at the detox stage. Your skin should already be glowing from not eating meats and greasy foods. You’re welcome.

Day 1—Last Day of Real Food

Today is the the day—you should already be ready to go head on with the water fast due to you cutting out everything little by little and finally coming down to the last day of just fruit. By the end of the day, you should be done eating your last fruity food and should be prepared to begin your water fast.

After the Water Fast

After the water fast, you should take ease into eating. Do not begin eating fatty foods right away or you will, indeed, throw it all up. Start with fruits, then veggies, and then gradually make your way back up until you’re eating meats again. Note: you must keep a healthy lifestyle or else you will fall back into your eating habits and gain all the weight you lost back, plus more!


Jakyia Millner

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Jakyia Millner
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