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Hijab is a badge of honor

Read on to know more about Hijab

By Enas El Nemr Published 2 months ago 3 min read
A picture of Muslim woman and Christian nuns with hijab

Hijab symbolizes modesty where people respect its wearer. Muslim women and girls, who wear Hijab with love and pride while they believe that dressing modestly doesn’t bring anything except good, are princesses of Islam; they are precious like a pearl in its shell. They live their life peacefully in their veil and conservative clothes.

Hijab is not a cloth that oppresses the woman but it really gives strength and confidence to its wearer. Head coverings of various kinds have long been viewed as a sign of highness by upper class and royal women who rarely showed their hair in public until the 1950s as well as covering hair with a hat was a part of the life of Queen Elizabeth 2 during her public appearances till her death.

Women and girls, according to Islam religion, are ordered by Allah Almighty to be covered up from hair to toes except face and hands, this is simply to send a message to the world that a woman’s body must be respected, it’s not meant for critique or flirtation, that’s the same reason upon which Christian nuns are fully covered up as Muslim women and girls do.

Conservative clothes that are not revealing always bring respect to their wearers. Hijab is not a fashion style or just a piece of cloth; it’s much more than that, female Muslims wear it as a badge of honor they really deserve it. They look precious in their Hijab “veil”, it decorates their beautiful faces, and it is a blessing of Allah almighty.

Hijab is obligatory for every female Muslim who reaches the age of puberty; she must wear it in front of non-related adult males.

Modesty in Islam religion doesn’t concern only garments, it concerns also gaze, gait, behaviors, speech, and it extends to all aspects of Muslim life. Modesty is applied to both men and women.

Many non-Muslims think that Hijab represents Arab culture and traditions but it is not so. It is a representation of Islam religion; many female Muslims of all nationalities around the world wear Hijab to please their lord “Allah” by following what he has ordered them.

Even if there are some female Muslims reject to wear Hijab, that doesn’t mean Hijab is not mandatory in Islam.

In fact, female Muslims who decide to wear Hijab to please their lord “Allah” while their decision arouses with pleasure from their heart and soul, are highly rewarded in the hereafter.

A Hijaby woman knows her true worth, she doesn’t wait for compliments about her beauty or likes on Instagram and Facebook, she knows that she is a high-value woman; she prefers to please Allah almighty with her veil instead of pleasing the human’s eyes with her beauty. She faces a big challenge to wear Hijab in the very hot weather; she knows that her reward in the hereafter is tremendous. Hijab doesn’t make women’s beauty fades; on the contrary, it makes their beauty precious all the times.

Finally, to sum up, veil is not only worn by female Muslims, it is customary for Christian women to veil themselves in church while veil is part of habit worn by nuns inside and outside church.

The practice of people wearing headscarves for religious purposes is an integral part of the three religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism as well as other faiths and cultures such as Sikhism. Sikhs wear the dastar which refers to any kind of turban. These people don’t consider headscarf just a piece of cloth but it’s an article of faith.

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