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"Girl Problems"

White Cauldron Natural Remedies

By Hope MartinPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

We all have them. Girl problems. In some way shape or form everyone has got at least one girl problem. Even boys.

But the kind of girl problems I'm gonna talk about today though are the ones that only girls can have. And if you're easily grossed out or faint hearted, here's your chance to escape this article unscathed. Proceed with caution! Also sex is mentioned in this article, if you are innocent-eyed and minded—please press the back button before I get in trouble with your parents.Periods are typically uncomfortable, messy, smelly, and sometimes painful. For women with hormonal imbalances that cause problems with it, periods can be even worse. And it makes it hard to tell when there could actually be a problem because every woman is different—so that means... every woman's period is different.

We are obviously not going to be able to talk about all of the potential issues that a woman can have -there are way too many to list. And there are way too many potential causes for these problems. But we will talk about one of my "favorite" girl problems.

My period has a difficult time starting.

If you're like me, sometimes your body just refuses to cooperate. Often times I will have cramps for days on up to even weeks before my period will finally start. Here are some things I have found that help:

1. Eat celery. And stuff...

While celery is not my favorite, and I will be the first to admit that eating celery for me is a chore—I do it. Celery is often mistaken for a "water" veggie. I've heard so many times that celery is basically just water—and I though I hate celery—I love telling people they are wrong about it. Celery is a very good source of potassium, vitamins A, C and K. It's also holding the goodies calcium and magnesium. It even has a little bit of protein (a whole whooping .3 grams.) It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It also is a detoxer and antioxident. The seeds, leaves, stem and roots can all be used. It also has a history of being a potential Emmenagogue food.

So I hear you asking, what the heck an emmenagogue food is? Well, simply put without going into way too much scientific jargon: they are foods that stimulate blood flow from the pelvic area and uterus for women. Some foods are eaten to encourage Flow to show up. So how do you know what foods are period inducing?

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of studies shown or able to be done to prove that these foods do effectively cause your period but they all have very good health benefits just the same. Here is a particularly favorite list of mine.

2. Do it like they do on Discovery Channel.

Yes. I'm suggesting sex. And it can't be just like lame, boring, let's get it done kinda sex. I have found (and keep in mind that I have no scientific evidence to back this up) that after a good night of hard, rough fun in bed with my significant other will make me rise in the morning with ruby red success. Generally, I found that sex also helps relieves cramps. And while I'm not trying to be too specific here, I did find that doggy style does indeed have the most success out of both of these girl problems when it comes to relief.

Please girls, use this method safely! Use protection, and don't assume that just because you may start your period the next morning that you're not going to get pregnant okay? That's not how science works.

3. Aspirin

As this is not a natural remedy, I strongly suggest consulting your doctor before taking this route. My doctor actually recommended this to me back in high school. It is a blood thinner, and people at risk for heart attacks and strokes take aspirin as a preventive measure. If your period is running late, try taking in a low dosage of aspirin a day until you start. Again, talk to your doctor about it first! I don't personally resort to this any more, due to having bariatric surgery. Aspirin IS an NSAID, so if you are allergic to those stay clear!

4. Work out!

Exercise is not something we're all fond of doing. And I know when you're bloated, cramping and you feel like an amoeba no one really wants to work out. But some cardio, core stretches, and cord building will help kick start that period—believe it or not it also helps with the cramping too. And actually to be honest with you, walking also effectively helps you start your period too. Go for a 20 to 30 minute walk every day, and you'll find Flow flows much easier.

5. Resist caffeine. Go for calcium.

Caffeine is a wonderful friend—or at least it likes to make you think it is. Caffeine is actually probably the biggest mistake women make when it comes to their periods. Not only will it make you cramp harder, it'll make it start harder too. Around the time of your monthly visitation from Flow, try to minimize your caffeine intake. If you get a hankering for chocolate or coffee, try having a cup of warm milk instead. I do not know the exact science to this, but there's something about calcium and milk that helps ease a girl's cramps.

6. Hot Baths

Who doesn't like soaking in a hot, bubbly, bath salted, candlelit bath? If you don't, then I assume you have a good reason for it. Because there's nothing quite like a relaxing bath. Make it as hot as you can stand (and since most of us women need baths and shower hot enough to thaw our frozen souls during this time of month, it shouldn't be a problem right? Haha!) and soak for at least 20 minutes. The hot water may just relax your muscles around your pelvic and uterus area to help get it started for you.

7. Join the 21+ Club.

Alcohol has also helped my period start before. It is a blood thinner, and it may just help get things thinned up enough to get a good flow started. Keep in mind, I'm not suggesting you go out and get wasted or drunk. I'm also NOT suggesting you use this method with method number two—no matter how fun it might seem. Again. I just want you all to be safe. The most I am suggesting is a couple of glasses of wine (or whatever your preferred poison is). In a safe environment. Also please remember—no evidence to back this up. This is all from personal experience.

8. Drink some tea!

Green tea, or chamomile tea, tea with angelica root, peppermint, lemon. Tea is amazing. And if you make it the right way, not only does it taste yummy, but it also may have tons of medicinal uses, including kicking Flow in the butt to get her moving.

I do hope that these methods help. I have relatively good success in keeping my Flow regular with a combination of all of these steps. As a woman with PCOS, or any other endocrine imbalance, being a girl can be harder than usual. Which is no walk in the park, because being a girl is difficult as it is!

Remember to consult your doctor before trying any new medicines or techniques, and always stay within your boundaries.


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I am a published author of a book called Memoirs of the In-Between. I am doing a rewrite of it, as it needed some polishing. I am a mom, a cook, a homesteader, and a second-generation shaman.

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