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Best Rated Skin Care Products on Amazon Every Woman Needs to Try

Having trouble taming acne? Difficulties with fine lines? The best rated skin care products on Amazon can definitely give you the glow you want.

By Emily McCayPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

Your skin is the largest organ you have, and if you want it to treat you well, you will need to make sure to take care of it. Not using any skin care products or not bothering with a skin care routine of your own is a surefire way to quick wrinkles, bad acne, and an overall dull complexion.

If you want to really make your skin glow and give your makeup a good canvas, then you need to have quality skin care products to help you keep your skin clean as can be.

A good place to start shopping for the right kit for your skin would be to check out the best rated skin care products on Amazon — and speaking as someone who's tried many of them, they're definitely worth the splurge.

Honestly, this isn't a lotion, per se. It's a cool little potion that you can use to dry out pimples overnight — and yes, it works very well if you're dealing with acne that seems to get greasier and greasier by the day.

Just dip a cotton swab or a small makeup brush into the bottle, and gently place it on top of your pimple. Then, go to sleep. You'll find that your acne's all dried out by morning.

Overall, it's one of the best rated skin care products on Amazon for curing problematic whiteheads, and speaking as someone who's used it, I totally see why it's so popular.

Micellar water is one of the hotter skin care trends, primarily because it's a gentler way to remove makeup and prevent acne breakouts from happening. It's soothing, great for sensitive skin, and works as a quality cleanser.

Using it is fairly simple — just grab your favorite facial cloth and dab it on your skin. It's one of the best rated skin care products on Amazon in its category because it does its work well, and because it's also known for getting your skin feeling softer than ever before.

You're gonna love it, trust me on this.

Not all of the best rated skin care products on Amazon are for acne or cleansing. Sometimes, the thing that they are made for is to cool down eyes and reduce puffiness.

If you're stressed, or if you're just noticing that there are bags under your eyes due to lack of sleep, these firming, cooling eye gels will make you feel amazing. Oh, and yes, they also reduce puffiness pretty well, too.

One of the hottest new trends in skin care is light therapy, and the idea behind it is that certain light waves tend to help awaken collagen in your skin. So far, there has been a little evidence to prove that this tactic could work — and that means that the right skin care products can help you get the full perks of this trend.

Baby Quasar has already gained a strong following for their skin care light therapy, and their PURE RAYZ device is the most popular of their sets. Regular use will help you understand why it's one of the best rated skin care products of its kind.

If you have a hard time with exfoliation, then you're going to love this skin care gadget. Clarisonic has made a facial cleansing system that exfoliates gently — but still gets all the dead skin off your face.

Use a dollop your favorite cleanser on the brush, turn it on, and let it do all the hard (but gentle) scrubbing for you. After a couple of quick strokes, you're left with a perfectly clean, smooth face that glows like you just came from the spa.

Many of the best rated skin care products on Amazon have something special about them that makes them technologically advanced, and Archipelago's Milk Soy Creme isn't different in that respect.

This nifty moisturizer uses dried milk and soy proteins to give your skin a soft, dewy glow. Though there's definitely some science to making this lotion, it's worth pointing out that this lotion doesn't have the harsh chemicals you'd expect from a heavy-duty moisturizer.

Between the non-greasy texture and the great scent, it's obvious why this is one of the best rated skin care products of it's kind. It just rules.

This anti-aging lotion by everyone's favorite organic French makeup company has regularly found itself at the top of the best rated skin care products on Amazon. Why? Well, it could be the heavy-duty moisturizing it offers. It could be the delicate, floral scent. It could be that it's non-greasy.

Or, you know, it could just be that it's one of the finest products from one of the finest natural makeup lines in the world. Either way, it gives results and people love it.

Perhaps one of the only skin care products to go head-to-head with L'Occitane in the anti-aging skin care market is Perricone MD's Face Finishing Moisturizer. Yes, it's a moisturizer, but this lotion does a lot more than just pack a powerful punch in the hydration department.

As one of the best rated skin care products on Amazon right now, you should already know this thing can do double-duty in your skin care routine. Along with being a great moisturizer, it's also an SPF 30 sunblock that has fine-line fighting ingredients inside.

The end result is a more youthful looking face, for a longer span of time.

Anyone who has an "in" into the fashion world can tell you that NYX is the darling of alt girls, high fashion lovers, and bargain beauty hunters. I personally swear by their foundation whenever I can't get my stuff from Japan.

Considering their solid rep, it doesn't surprise me in the least bit that their make up setting spray is one of the best rated skin care products on Amazon. I've used it myself, and it's managed to make my make up stay put after a night of hard partying and heavy drinking.

You need this spray if you live fast and want to look good doing it. It's also one of the cheapest products on this list, so what do you have to lose?

Most of the best rated skin care products on Amazon focus in on the face, and why wouldn't they? That's what most people think about when they are looking for skin care products, anyway.

But, we can't forget about keeping your body's skin on point, too. L'Occitane's Shea Butter soap is gentle enough for sensitive skin, smells great, and also manages to knock other soaps out of the park with its moisture levels.

If you love keeping your skin beautiful all over, then this is a must-have.

This is one of the few beauty products that actually adds color to your face while still reigning supreme as one of the best rated skin care products on Amazon. Jane Iredale is a brand that's known for super-moisturizing products that are great for all different skin types.

Their Drink Lip Balm offers a superbly moisturizing punch, an SPF rating of 15, and just a little hint of color. The end result from this is a natural-looking lip color and an overall healthy pout. What's not to love?

If you go to as many spas as I do, then you probably recognize AHAVA's name. It's one of the more popular spa skin care lines out there, and yes, you can bring the spa to you with their Extreme Firming Eye Cream.

People who party a bunch, or people who are noticing that their eyes are beginning to droop will find that this eye cream firms, cools, and also just offers a surprisingly smooth layer of moisture to your face.

It's gotten great ratings, and if you're aware of the brand, you'll understand why it's one of the best rated skin care products on Amazon right now.

Leave it to L'Occitane to come up with three different products to end up on a list of the best rated skin care products on Amazon, right? Well, if you love organic, nature-based beauty products and skin care products for your routine, L'Occitane is always a great place to start.

This fair trade, organic-certified shea butter isn't only good for your skin care routine; it's great for the planet and underprivileged groups, too. So, while it can smooth out rough skin in a pinch, buying this product makes the world a better place.


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