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XFL 2020

The League's Resurrection

By Spencer MacAdamPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

The “XFL” is making a return?

If you where born anytime after the mid-nineties like myself, you were probably left scratching your head while referencing Vince McMahon’s proposal to resurrect this pre-cell phone display of football.

Founded in 1999, the XFL lasted only a season before dismantling, but why? What instigated their decision to abandon the gridiron and what are they planning on doing to make things more successful this time?

Although I cannot recall viewing a game of the XFL, I can remember relics of the time. While surveying the internet, I came across a photograph which had originally been used by a magazine to demonstrate fan support. The photo conveyed a fan branding a Darth Maul mask. Memories related to more primitive years encompass a young boy clutching a VHS copy of The Phantom Menace. I can barely remember the first time I watched the first episode of Star Wars; however, the image of Anakin Skywalker racing is something that I will never forget. Although The Phantom Menace was a motion picture that won the heart of a young boy naïve to the adventures of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, it was a movie which came under the criticism of many who had grown up with the original trilogy. Just as many passionate Star Wars fans displayed disgust at the alterations to the original in the face of Jar Jar Binks, many football fans remained dissatifisfied by the altered rules of the XFL. Passing over ten years, perhaps the nightmare of the XFL’s failure has escaped the presence within the publics dreams. With the passing of nearly two decades, perhaps it is the time to reconcile with the failure of two decades. Perhaps it is time to provide a second chance to the mistake.

Following the SuperBowl, many fans are hungry for more; however, despite their hopes, they will remain football-free for the next several months until the CFL pre-season. Reigning from the true north and free, I am unable to understand the struggle; however, the XFL offers an alternative to the American desire to watch more. Although the XFL may not surpass the NFL, it will provide fans a means of catching football action during their vacation.

So how do those in charge aim to change the game so that it can reinvent itself within a more successful presentation on the silver screen? Those in charge of the XFL have described efforts to make fans realize they aim to avoid a repeat of 2001. On their website, the XFL promises to move faster and quicker while maintaining safety. During a recent press conference, Vince McMahon assured football fans that he aims to take into account their opinions regarding how the alternative form should be played. McMahon explained that he has full intentions on brining the league back in 2020.

The introduction of the internet has reinvented the way in which we see the world. The website for the XFL 2020 specified the fact that they aim to allow fans to connect on a level in which they have not yet experienced a new connection which they hope will help bring everyone back together. Perhaps the alterations to the XFL will assist in maintaining and gaining support. Access to the internet will allow fans to obtain interest into ways to intersect themselves into the game.

Unable to recall the touchdowns obtained in the XFL arenas, I am able to identify team jerseys; however, within several years, I will be. As of 2020, another gridiron will once again join the fields of professional football. McMahon’s XFL will accompany the NFL and CFL, providing an outlet to fans.


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