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Is FP Chet's Father?

Another 'Riverdale' Conspiracy

By Spencer MacAdamPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
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Mystery would be the word associated with Chet’s presence in WB’s Riverdale. Since his first appearance in season 2, numerous questions have arisen surrounding his background, intentions, and future. Chet quickly becomes a member of the Cooper household upon Betty gaining information regarding Alice’s estrangement from her son, whom she had put up for adoption.

The premiere of Riverdale was not the first time Americans were acquainted with the name Alice Cooper. Cooper was a rock artist who came to fame in the 1970s. Among the various attributes associated with Alice was his evil appearances manufactured through makeup and props. These alterations allowed Cooper to remove himself from his traditional self and rather convey a more sinister, removed alias associated with the more evil side of life which Vincent Furnier would not be capable of enduring. Riverdale conveys a reserved middle to upper-class woman concentrated on the preservation and upkeep of herself as well as her community. Alice Cooper utilizes her current environment to distract from her previous associations.

Alice Cooper’s past life was one immersed in crime and poverty surrounded by the snake tattoos of the Southside. Throughout the series, it is often referenced that Alice is originally from the bad side of town. FP recalls this fact several times throughout the series. “You may not live in the Southside, you may not dress like you're from the Southside, but we both know the truth snakes don't shed their skin so easily.” Perhaps FP is referencing the fact that Alice is unable to leave her more harsh years in the past and that rather the repercussions from those years have followed her throughout her lifetime.

Chet’s introduction into the Cooper family is accompanied by homicide. Upon the acceptance of the events which had conspired, Betty reaches out to Jughead for assistance. Although he is never confronted personally FP shows up to the home where he proceeds to assist in the removal and disposal of the body. One may ask why FP would be willing to jeopardize his own judicial security to prevent Chet from going to prison. Why would a complete stranger put himself in harm's way to assist a complete unknown unless perhaps there is more then meets the eye when it comes to their relationship. Perhaps these two have met each other before. Suspicious of Chet’s true identity, Betty begins looking into his past only to discover that he does not, in fact, share the same father as her but rather an alternative explanation. FP’s self-sacrifice to avoid Chet’s incarceration is a direct demonstration of his concern for his well being, a sacrifice which would only be apparent within a parental relationship.

Does Chet serve as the resurrection of Alice Cooper’s past? Hal left his own home uninterested with sharing it with Chet’s presence perhaps going even deeper than a simple disgust for his characteristics but rather an attempt to escape Alice’s other life. During the final episode, Alice proceeds to Jughead and FP’s home. Upon the conclusion of the episode, Alice proceeds into FP’s trailer where they engage in a passionate kiss.

Chet’s character is one masked in mystery. Alice Cooper’s attempt to dismiss her previous time spent as a serpent within her latest facade suggests that perhaps there is something deeper she is trying to hide. Alice Cooper is unable to escape the sins of her past. One may ask why FP was willing to abandon his own reservation in the face of Chet’s demise. Could it be that Chet is the direct result of Alice’s and FP’s previous relationship? Perhaps this theory is not as unlikely as one may think.


(2016-) Riverdale, Warner Brothers Television


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