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Unanswered Questions From How to Get Away With Murder's Midseason Finale

The midseason finale of How to Get Away With Murder left many questions unresolved.

By Sandy MuiPublished 6 years ago 8 min read

The first half of Season 4 of How to Get Away With Murder concluded on Thursday, and there were many shocking revelations. Simon Drake (Behzad Dabu) was the latest victim of the Keating Four's shenanigans, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) breathtakingly helped deliver the baby of an unconscious Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) and Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) took over as the authority of the Keating Four.

However, the episode leftjust about as many, if not more, questions unanswered.This can partially be attributed to the fact that the "present day" in the series has not caught up to the flash-forwards of the season opener. Normally, the first half of a season would consist of nine episodes; Season 4 had eight.

Program creator Pete Nowalk explained the reason for this to Hollywood Reporter: it only happened this way because of where Thanksgiving fell. Boring, sure, but enough to keep fans wanting more. January 18, 2018 can't come fast enough for the show to answer the following questions.

What was the call Laurel Castillo received at her apartment about?

This is something that is less talked about than all the tacky unanswered questions about whether Drake and/or Castillo's baby is/are dead. However, this call is just as compelling as an unanswered question and could explain why Castillo showed up at Caplan & Gold.

The call I am referring to is the one Castillo got when she was still at her apartment. During the montage that juxtaposed Castillo and Keating thinking about what others have said about their predicaments, Castillo received a call from someone with no caller ID. She promptly picked up, listened to the other end for a few seconds, then replied, "What are you talking about" while looking startled. Suspicious, no?

The very next scene Castillo popped up in was her arrival at Caplan & Gold. Her excuse for being there was she had suspicions the others would try to bail from completing the plan, though I don't buy it. Castillo, for some reason, even brought a gun to the law firm.

Theory: Whoever called tipped her off about something bad possibly happening to her if she stayed at her apartment. That would explain her heading out even when she was seven months pregnant and shifting from the plan to not have her at Caplan & Gold. Castillo carryingthe gun could also showher exercising an extra level of precaution.

Why was Dominic at Laurel Castillo's apartment?

Funny, does this guy even have a last name? He hasn't appeared enough in the series for that to be important, I guess. Until the midseason finale, he had only made one significant appearance, really, and that was for murdering Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) in Season 3.

Flash forward to the midseason finale of Season 4. One of the very last scenes in this episode showed Dominic spying on Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) while Walsh was on a call with Pratt outside of Castillo's apartment. The fact that Dominic has only shown up in the series for the sole purpose of being the hitman of Jorge Castillo (Esai Morales), Laurel Castillo's father, hints that he's obviously not there for a good reason. Dominic also overheard Walsh talk about the hard drive with Pratt over the phone, so he now knows what the Keating Four have been up to. If I were you, I'd be fearing for Walsh, with Dominic lurking so close.

Theory: Back to that phone call Laurel Castillo received before leaving for Caplan & Gold. She'd need a very good reason to leave her apartment, especially in her condition, and thinking her classmates were going to bail on the plan isn't sufficient. Whatever the call was about—as I mentioned, likely someone telling her to get out before something bad happens to her—could be linked to the reason Dominic was there. Coming across Walsh at the scene was certainly not Dominic's intention; there'd be no way he would have known ahead of time that Walsh would be there.

Dominic doesn't add to the plot unless he's connected to Jorge Castillo, so he was most definitely at Laurel's place to do something for Laurel's father. I'm not sure if Jorge Castillo would send Dominic to kill his own daughter, but if he already knew what Laurel was up to or knew she lied about getting an abortion, he definitely would not be happy with her.

What was Isaac Roa (Jimmy Smits) doing at the hospital?

Roa served a much more reserved role in the midseason finale, but his significance has been seen in flash-forwards earlier on this season. In one of the very first flash-forwards, he was seen outside Laurel Castillo's hospital room and called Keating to inform her that Castillo was awake.

His presence at the hospital is undeniably one of the bigger mysteries. The only time he appeared in the midseason finale was when Keating showed up in his home to beg him to take her back as his patient. Keating left shortly after getting a call from Walsh about the Keating Four's plan at Caplan & Gold. Somehow, Roa jumped from his own home to the hospital and is connected to the moment Castillo wakes up. In the flash-forward of the season premiere, he's also the one who mentioned drugs were found in Castillo's system. Pretty weird stuff.

What I can tell you, however, is Roa was surely at the hospital on that fateful Friday night. In another flash-forward earlier into the season, he bumped into Pratt, who was still covered in blood from the Drake-Caplan & Gold debacle.

Theory: It's obvious Roa has feelings for Keating, so he was probably troubled by Keating leaving his home so soon and not finishing their conversation. He could also likely tell Keating looked concerned after she left Laurel Castillo a voice message. I'm going to jump to the conclusion that Roa went to enormous lengths to figure out what exactly bothered Keating to leave so suddenly. That might not make much sense in the interim, but it's not something I'd rule out, considering Roa does not exactly seem like the most stable individual.

If it's any of my theories I'm least confident about, it's this one. That's how complicated the ambiguity is regarding Roa's situation.

Why was Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) the "witness" of Simon Drake's shooting?

Quotation marks are around "witness" because Hampton did not actually witness Drake accidentally shooting himself. However, in a flash-forward from earlier episodes, he was deemed as the "witness" by the detective at the crime scene. Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil), in that particular flash-forward, arrived at Caplan & Gold and promptly asked the detective where the witness was. She was pointed to Hampton.

Out of all the troublemakers who participated in the plan to retrieve Antares info from Caplan & Gold's databases, Hampton was the only one who showed up after the shooting happened. Who could forget his piercing "OH MY GOD" shout? That makes him an unlikely "witness" just based on the actual timeline of events, but it could make a lot more sense than you'd think.

Theory: With Pratt directing Walsh, Laurel Castillo and Asher Millstone (Matt McGory) to cover up their tracks, her plan likely involved planting Hampton as the "witness." It was also revealed in the midseason finale that Drake could be gay (and has a huge crush on Hampton), so it would be a clever idea to claim Drake shot himself because Hampton rejected him. Whether Drake remains alive is another story, though it certainly won't help the Keating Four's case if he does.

Why was Asher Millstone arrested?

Millstone was the one who made the 911 phone call shortly after Drake fell to the ground and once Pratt ensured the crime scene would not implicate the Keating Four and Oliver. At least not immediately, anyway. It's clear why Millstone would be the first one in the group to be questioned, but what's still up in the air is why he was arrested.

For sure, he is being treated as the suspect in Drake's shooting. Immediately after Winterbottom asked where the "witness" (Hampton) was, she asked about the suspect, to which the detective replied "prison." Then, in another flash-forward in an earlier episode, Millstone was seen sobbing while sitting in a jail cell.

Notorious for being the knucklehead of the Keating Four, it wouldn't be surprising if it was just a little slip of the tongue that got Millstone handcuffed. It had to be something he said to the detective though, since there was definitely not enough time for authorities to run fingerprints on the gun. Plus, Pratt wiped all of the evidence—the gun and key card—clean.

Theory: This might sound boring, but Millstone probably just said something that conflicted with the actual timeline of events that night. Pratt took control after the shooting and called out instructions for everyone at the scene, which means she likely came up with a fake story for Millstone, Hampton and herself to abide by. She is brilliant at thinking on her feet, but it wouldn't take long for authorities to show up, so there could easily be holes in whatever she made up. Not to mention, Millstone could have just as easily cracked under the pressure of being questioned by police.


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