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The Outlaw Micheal Tomsik

by Micheal Tomsik about a year ago in culture
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Welcome to my story my name is Micheal Tomsik AKA The Outlaw Micheal Tomsik.

I hope you enjoy reading my story and you can find me on the internet.

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My wife when she meet me asked me if I was into sports and at the time I told her I watch it once in awhile. In my youth I did play football, surfed, roller bladed, roller skated, and played a few other sports but was not my main interest In college years I modeled and was an amature actor in Califorina. My carreer in that industry never took off but I had a lot of fun doing it. To tell you the truth I never thought about a career in broadcasting sports.

In college originally I wanted to work with animals being a vet or something along those lines. However ended up getting my degree n Computer Science with a minor in Business Management. Most of my experience came from working in casinos after my graduation living in Las Vegas Nevada.

I got an education on how casinos operate and I became involved with several bg casinos in Las Vegas as a personal trainer for the staff or assisting casinos with selling or buying properties in Vegas. I spent 7 years doing this and finally ended up in Reno Nevada at a casino called The Reno Hilton. I was there due to the casino was being sold and the position they offered me was in the Sports Book to help with the closing of the book.

It was funny however I spent 4 years n this position before the sale happened and I left the company before it did.

At the Hilton there was an ESPN broadcasting booth if front of the sports book. They did live shows and broadcasted locally in Reno, NV. Working at the sports book was always a fun job for me I still love it today.

I would write my picks for games up on a board every week and many people would talk to me about sports at the book over the years I got more involved in following all sports. One day I was asked to do my picks on the radio show so I did. It was fun for me and amazingly my picks had been pretty good. The next thing I knew I was being interviewed by local TV stations. This made me even more popular in the local area.

This continued for some time and I started calling myself The Outlaw Micheal Tomsik as a radio personality.

However I had been sent to the casino knowing it was going to be sold and the book was going to be closed eventually. I decided to leave the company before all this happened. As soon as I left all this stopped however I was offered a new start in Florida.

.After my departure from the Reno Hilton it took two years to get to Florida. During this time I kept a pretty low profile writing my picks in a local newspaper. When we moved to Jacksonville Florida I got an opportunity to run my own show called Outlaw Sports Show on Centiflix Radio out of Saint Augustine Florida.

However the station was not doing well and only a few shows hit the air before the station was to be closed. The shows had been pretty awful to tell you the truth. I had no one to talk sports with. The owner of the radio station tried to step in and even Anne my wife helped out. In the end the station closed and I bought a bunch of the equipment.

I was determined somehow to make this work and I set out on a mission. I contacted every amature sport I could find and then I pitched an idea to ESPN. I was hired as a freelance journalist by ESPN. and decided to open OUTLAW SPORTS RADIO. My idea was to broadcast live games on the radio for local sporting events. I had gotten several football programs, roller derby, rugby, basketball even some MMA leagues to participate.

It all happened but I was not satisfied with just the radio broadcasting we moved to live broadcasting on the internet.

This continued for 4 years. We covered tons of sports, broadcasted several games live but one problem it never really created enough revenues and fans for ESPN so they finally pulled the plug. To this day you can still find me on the net.


About the author

Micheal Tomsik

Welcome by The Outlaw Micheal Tomsik. In the past I owned Outlaw Sports Radio and Outlaw Sports Entertainment Company.

I am currently a blogger at www.mtomsik.com

You can follow us in 2021

The Outlaw Micheal Tomsik.

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