The light in Dark Side of The Ring

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The light in dark side of the ring

The light in Dark Side of The Ring
The light in dark side of the ring

What is Dark Side of the Ring?

Dark side of the ring is a show on Vice that pulls back the proverbial curtain on the brutal and beautiful world of professional wrestling. Even if you are not a fan of pro wrestling this enthralling show will keep you engaged. The stories will give you a new found respect for it and for some it will further inflame their old wrestling stereotypes. For fans it’s a cornucopia of new perspectives into familiar stories or forgotten legends of yesteryear introduced to a new generation of fans.

The light in the dark

-Introducing new fans into wrestling

-Bringing back lapse fans of wrestling

-Even the most knowledgeable wrestling fan can learn something new from these stories

-So many wrestlers, promoters, referees etc. get over shadowed by the events but this show gives them a spotlight and their rightful place in the story and history

-Nancy benoit better known in the wrestling business as “woman” was one of the first of her kind not only a valet but a wrestler as well

-Susie Mae McCoy the first black women’s wrestler in South Carolina

-Herb Abrams “The Cocaine Cowboy” was the precursor to WCW

-Cocaine and hookers aside; if he would have stayed on point we might be telling a different story in wrestling history!

(Really just makes you look at the people who were running WCW with even larger raised eyes-brows! How much hindsight do you need?)

-The families who have been affected by these situations get to come out and speak, clear the record straight and I hope they get some kind of closure if they haven’t already

We can also put many age old questions to rest (Example: Why isn’t Owen Hart in the WWE hall of fame?)

-A new generation of fans being exposed to old school wrestling gives them insight appreciation and history

-A lot of these stories from yesteryear are receiving more attention now then it did back than

-Learning about wrestlers and promoters who would’ve fit in like a glove in today’s wrestling product

-Some of those men and women were truly ahead of their time and are now just being showcased to the world.

(Better later than never)

-New perspectives on old stories paints the picture even clearer

Herb Abrams, Susie Mae McCoy, Nancy “Woman” Benoit, Oje Martha and Osh Hart, The Von Erichs Family, David Schultz and Brusier Brody

Light conclusion

Next season I hope to see them continue on this path that totally reeks of awesomeness! I’d also like to see Chris Jericho come back as the narrator/ producer, I think a lot of people feel comfortable with him telling the story. These are incredible gems of wrestling history. Even though most of the stories tend to end in unfortunate circumstances they still need to be explored and examined.There are exceptions to the tragedy because if you listen closely you can hear the smack from David Schultz hand against some jabronis face for asking is wrestling fake!!

Wrestling is absurd, ridiculous, beautiful, ugly, funny, dramatic personas that would’ve made Shakespeare jealous an art form, escapism, fun and Pre determined. It’s a lot of things but fake is not one of them!

Who’d you like to see on the next season of DarkSide of the ring?

Peace love and light to you! Thank you for reading!

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