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The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

Find a shoe that is going to give you the performance and flexibility needed when shopping for your next pair of basketball shoes for guards.

By Alicia SpringerPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

The best guards know that their pair of basketball shoes is more than just another piece of equipment. They need a secure fit and impact protection that will help them as they move the ball up and down the court. All basketball players need quality shoes with ankle support so they can cut and move to be more of a threat on the court.

The guard position in basketball is arguably the most important position on the court, and is the team’s play maker. They need to have a good vision on the court, with the ability to see the big picture, and need to have speed and strong ball handling skills. The point guard is like the quarterback of the team, running plays and recognizing the opponent’s defensive structure. They need to be as quick in their thoughts as they are on their feet.

Think about guards like Kyrie Irving. They need to be able to trust in their shoes to perform at the highest levels; and because of this, need a high quality shoe to help them maximize their performance. Regardless, if you are a point guard or a shooting guard, you’re going to want to make sure that your feet are happy. The court feel for a guard is important, and the last thing a guard needs is to not be able to trust their shoes. That’s why basketball shoes for guards need to be able to handle the high pace and quick changes that are part of the position.

Nike made its mark on the basketball shoe world when it first introduced the Air Jordan shoe way back in 1985. Since then, quite a bit has changed in shoe design and performance. The Air Jordan still maintains a bit of a retro look, but the performance of the shoe is definitely modern.

The new Jordans have flight speed engineering that will evenly distribute your weight across your entire foot. This will help with the feel of the shoe on the court and your overall performance. This isn’t just any old pair of sneakers, this shoe will live up to its namesake and compliment your game.

Kyrie Irving is one of the most exciting guards in the NBA, so Nike brought his energy into a signature shoe. The shoes are more than just a good looking shoe. It has Nike’s zoom unit built into the shoe, which will give you the support and comfort you would expect in one of the best basketball shoes for guards. You’ll keep your opponents on their toes just like Kyrie (well, maybe not that good).

The Dame 4 from Adidas is an impressive shoe. Named after Damian Lillard, the shoe has a modern look that is as functional as it is attractive. The shoe’s upper has a grid pattern underneath the lacing system that will give stability to the upper portion of the shoe, and the midsole of the shoe has a cushioning that will make sure you are getting the proper traction when it is most needed. Pair these sneakers up with the best basketball dribbling training aids, and you'll be unstoppable driving down the court.

When you think of the best shooting guards in the league, Steph Curry is bound to be high up on that list. Nobody in the league is more of a shooting threat than he is, which obviously makes this pair of basketball sneakers one of the best basketball shoes for shooting. The Curry 4 Low has a knit internal sleeve that will give you a secure fit without sacrificing any performance, and the midsole has an EVA foam that helps with the shoe’s overall responsiveness, aiding in your ability to leave your opponents scratching their heads as you drain another three.

James Harden is one of the more agile guards in the league. This is the second incarnation of his signature shoe, and Adidas put it all out there with this shoe. The upper is made of Forgefiber, which will give you added support and perforated for breathability. The shoe is also cushioned to help with the responsiveness of the shoe and the energy return. Adidas shaved down the shoe from earlier versions to allow for a secure fit without all the excessive bulk you might find in other basketball shoes for guards.

Under Armour’s ClutchFit Lightning is probably one of the most visually impressive shoes on the list. Don’t let the good looks fool you though, this shoe is built to perform. The thick rubber sole helps to create a strong base along with Under Armour’s ClutchFit heel. The Micro G foam across the full length of the shoe will minimize the impact of the court on your feet. This is also probably one of the more comfortable basketball sneakers on the market today, making the best exercises for basketball players just a little bit easier.

Nike obviously has more in their arsenal than just the Jordans, so it’s no surprise that the Nike PG 2 is one of the higher quality basketball shoes for guards. The first thing you will notice about this shoe is the unique lacing system that will help with the overall fit of the shoe. The shoe has Nike’s Zoom Air units to help with the overall responsiveness of the shoe. The outer sole has been improved from earlier versions so that a flexibility to the shoe that was missing in the past versions will be ready for play come game day.

Adidas has taken basketball shoes for guards to a new level with the Crazylight Boost Low. The first thing you will notice when you wear this shoe is how secure your heel is, which can be difficult with a low top. This shoe actually feels as secure as a pair of mid tops. The Crazylights are built for explosive guards who rely on quick bursts of speed to leave their opponents behind.

This is probably one of the best overall basketball shoes for guards on the market. This low top shoe has all the support and structure of a high top, but with the maneuverability of a low top shoe. The added flexibility along with the support will make you more mobile. Named after Kevin Durant, who is actually a small forward, these shoes are built for every position where speed and agility are a must. Nike designed the new KD with control as their focal point. This featutre is practically ensured to translate to your game.

The last shoe on the list is by no means the least. Nike really made a statement with the Hypershift. The shoes are ultra-light and high tech. The mesh upper allows for breathability that will keep your feet cool while on the court. The tongue and secure lacing system allow for a seamless fit. These shoes are extremely lightweight, but don’t skimp on durability. This is a great shoe that encompasses both support and agility.

As with any shoe, it is important to find the one that best fits your needs. Don’t be afraid to try as many pairs as possible until you find the fit and performance that suits your style of play. Your feet (and your game) deserve the best, and the best basketball shoes for guards are just one step closer to getting there.


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