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Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting

The most comfortable and supportive basketball shoes for shooting will be sure to push your game to new limits.

By James PortersonPublished 5 years ago 9 min read
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I don't want to scare you, but ankle sprains are an extremely common injury among point guards.

Every athlete runs the risk of rolling an ankle, but jumping, juking, and sprinting over a hard surface is part of the job description when you're a point guard.

You can't overlook the importance of using a pair of basketball sneakers that will support you on the court while facilitating high speed and agility.

There is no universally "right" shoe for every player, but as a general rule, the best basketball shoes for shooting provide great traction, comfort, bounce, support, and cushion to protect your knees, arches, ankles, and joints.

You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to your team to take care of the two limbs that take you where you need to go. If you treat your feet with this year's basketball shoes for shooting, the rest of your body will thank you for it.

Crazy Explosives were designed and built by Adidas with the sole purpose of carrying you up and down the court with effortless safety, speed, and elegance.

Stiff, bulky basketball shoes deplete the players' energy, and they make the most graceful athletes look and feel clumsy while attempting to sprint down the court to score for their team.

Crazy Explosives add energy to your stride. They are light enough to be ballet slippers, but the supportive insoles and lining give Crazy Explosives an unmistakable basketball court feel.

The rubber soles have unique, maze-like grooves that give your feet perfect traction with any hard surface. The knitted textile lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable throughout the hottest, most intense games.

In addition to these features, these shoes are durable. Adults can expect to be wearing them several seasons down the line.

It doesn't matter who you are; Adidas Crazy Explosives will make you feel like a cheetah.

Kobe Bryant's Nike signature line was designed to provide your feet with extra comfort and support when you run, jump, and shoot.

Kobe Xs give your feet just what you need to play a stable, and healthy, game. The robust lacing system allows you to adjust the shoes so they're just right for you, and only you.

The design of the thick rubber soles are curved in a way that boosts your natural foot movement, and they are covered in grid-patterned grips that keep your feet stable on the basketball court.

When we imagine a pair of basketball shoes, most of us picture a set of high tops and sometimes mid tops, but it's rare for low top shoes come to mind.

However, a study published in the Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology found that basketball shoes with a conventional cut, such as the Nike Kobe X shoes, are more effective at preventing impact-related injuries in basketball players.

We certainly need to see more pairs of Kobe X on the court.

Nike Lebron Soldier Xi basketball shoes don't just make basketball players look graceful. They transform your feet in a way that makes players feel lighter and more agile as they run up and down the basketball court.

These shoes are perfect for all point guards, no matter how good you are at tying your laces.

They are easy to put on, and the velcro adds extra ankle support you've never felt before.

With these high quality Lebron Soldiers on your feet, you'll feel so free that you'll forget about the stress, and focus on the art of playing the game.

The rubber soles are covered in a unique pattern for ultimate traction. The soles may feel a bit rigid at first, but don't let that stop you from wearing them—these shoes will last many seasons to come.

Lebron Soldier Xi's come in a breathable material, available in a large variety of bright and neutral colors, all of which come with rubber soles which provide fantastic traction and a cushiony feel.

Too often, a lack of confidence holds us back from performing to our best ability.

The Nike Zoom won't just make you look and feel like a pro basketball player. This shoe's ankle support, cushioning, and breathability were all designed to give players extra agility on the court.

Running the ball down the court and dunking it in the hoop will take such little effort, that you might feel like you're cheating. Luckily, you're not.

Nike Zooms may give you an extra advantage on the court, but they are totally legal; they just complement and support your natural movements and your gameplay.

Nike wouldn't have it any other way.

The rubber soles add extra traction, allowing you to run safely and comfortably before jumping up to dunk the ball into the net. When you land from that jump, the integrated Zoom air cushioning softens the blow to your knees and ankles.

The upper velcro strap on the lacing system keeps everything in place, and also adds extra ankle support so you can worry less and play more.

Zoom Soldier VIII is available in several vibrant color combinations that will help you blend in with your team or stand out on your own. Whatever your strategy, this shoe is a great option for you.

Ankle injuries are the most common among basketball players, and that's what Adidas had in mind when they designed the Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation.

The fabric mid tops provide excellent ankle support that is rivaled only by the fantastic arch supports in the insoles. Together, these components make the Cloudfoam Ilation one of the best basketball shoes for guards.

Just one caveat: While a large section of the shoe is made of breathable mesh fabric, a large portion consists of durable leather, so if you are especially prone to sweaty or stinky feet, this might not be your soul mate.

That said, the rubber soles on these bad boys add great traction that's hardly comparable to anything else on the market.

Your feet, knees, and hips will thank you for this high quality purchase, and so will the rest of your team when they see how much these shoes and their lightweight cushioning allow you to concentrate on scoring.

Have you ever wondered how geckos can defy gravity?

It's clear that contemporary basketball legend James Harden asked himself similar questions when he collaborated with Adidas to create the Harden Vol. 2 basketball sneaker.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2s have a boosted soul rubber sole that not only gives your feet gecko-quality traction with the floor, but they absorb shock so you can keep moving as soon as you land from a jump.

These shoes provide just the right amount of cushion and bounce in all the right places, allowing the player who wears them to experience ultimate comfort during the game.

Meanwhile, the lightweight mesh material allows your feet to breathe and stay dry while still providing enough ankle support to let you focus on the toughest of games.

Every basketball player needs a pair of these shoes. They are practical, comfortable, and perfectly compliment the best basketball shooting equipment out there for your training needs.

Point guards love these shoes because they allow their feet to move swiftly and comfortably as they carry you up the court.

The Under Armour Curry 3 is more advanced than any of the other basketball shoes in Stephen Curry's signature line.

You can feel the meticulous research that went into designing this high quality shoe as soon as you put it on your foot.

When you put the Under Armour Curry 3 on your foot for the first time, you'll feel compelled to go straight to the basketball court.

These shoes are sure to take you there.

The soles are highly supportive, high quality rubber that adds strength to your entire body. The firm support rises a few inches above the sole and all the way up your Achilles tendon to give further support to your feet and ankles.

When you wear Under Armour Curry 3s during a game, you'll notice a significant difference as you seamlessly juke and dodge your opponents.

These lightweight shoes have just the right amount of bounce to keep you energized and motivated to win the game.

The Nike Kyrie 3 is visually sleek and attractive in a way that most highly-supportive shoes are not.

The herringbone pattern on the shoe's thick rubber soles provides great traction while the insoles cradle your arches to give your ankles and knees the support they need.

I'm not sure if Kyrie Irving has plantar fasciitis, but, thanks to the extra heel support, Kyrie 3s are certainly one of the best basketball shoes for point guards that have flat feet.

If you do have flat feet, you will find that these shoes are far more lightweight than your other options. The upper part of the shoe is made of mesh fabric that facilitates excellent ventilation.

The Nike Zoom Evidence basketball shoe includes an extra heel pad that makes your feet feel right at home as soon as you slip it on.

Its high top design provides extra ankle support, and also guards your Achilles tendon against irreversible damage.

These shoes were built to keep your feet stable and snug; your feet will not slip or slide around inside of them, and the rubber soles will keep you balanced as you run across the slippery basketball court and score for your team.

Nike Zoom Evidence gives your ankles firm support, but not too much to restrict your movement; they simply guide your feet to make sure they are carrying you the right way through the best exercises for basketball players.

Running on a hardwood or concrete court is easy when these shoes are on your feet because the Zoom air cushioning adds an extra layer of comfort.

You can always trust Nike to do their homework.

If there is one universally "right" shoe for all point guards, it's the Adidas Dame.

This shoe is adaptive and secure, making it one of the most comfortable basketball shoes out there.

The Adidas Dame is mesh, and has a fully customizable lacing system.

The sole is synthetic with specially designed grooves that give it great traction with the floor. This, of course, means that the bounce is spectacular.

The Adidas Dame is the most advanced shoe in Damian Lillard's signature line to-date.

It doesn't matter if you are a heavy player or a light player. When you jump, these basketball shoes for shooting will lift you higher. When you land back on your feet, this shoe's shock-absorbing technology will allow you to waste no time before getting right back into the game.


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