Sports to Try for Swimming Enthusiasts

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If You Love to Swim, Try These Sports

Sports to Try for Swimming Enthusiasts

Swimming is, in and of itself, a sport that provides cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. It helps strengthen and tone muscles. Those with arthritis can enjoy exercise without a worsening of their symptoms by participating in water aerobics. Swimming is even known to improve mood. But for those who want a bit more from their water workouts, there are a variety of water sports to participate in. Whether solo, cooperative in groups, or competitive, these water sports are challenging and rewarding.

Water Polo

A team sport, water polo consists of four quarters during which the two teams make attempts to score goals; this is accomplished by throwing the ball into the goal of the opponent.

Teams consist of six field players with a single goalkeeper in the water at a time. Teams may also have substitute players and a single substitute goalkeeper out of the water. Generally played in a pool that is entirely deep, this sport requires endurance and stamina to play.

Synchronized Swimming

This sport combines swimming, dance, and gymnastics. It involves the performance of elegant moves in the water that are synchronized with music that is played as a background. Synchronized swimming involves great aerobic endurance, flexibility, grace, strength, exceedingly precise timing, and excessive control of the breath.


A way to train for running without the stress to joints of running on the ground, aquajogging, which is also called deepwater running, is an excellent means of staying in shape while injured. Even those without injury can enjoy this supplement to a running regimen by giving the endurance a boost while sparing the legs a pounding.

Aquajogging involves a flotation device that is worn around the middle; the jogger moves the legs and arms in a motion akin to running while in the deep end of the pool. Pool builders in Pensacola and other locales can design a pool that is well-suited for this purpose with a sprawling deep end. When correctly performed, which involves a proper upright posture, aquajogging is an excellent means of resistance training.

Underwater Rugby

Underwater rugby is a team sport that is performed underwater. During a match, a pair of rival teams attempts to score a ball that is negatively buoyant into the goal of the opponent at a swimming pool's bottom. This ball is filled with saltwater. It has little in common with the normal rugby football save for the name. It originated in Germany during the 1960s.

Teams have six players and six substitutes. The game is fast-paced and exhausting. Subs are permitted to replace the regular players in the heat of the action. The ball is permitted to be passed in any direction but is not allowed to leave the water. Good tactics and three-dimensional positioning are crucial to the sport, and players need a wide variety of abilities. These include speed, strength, agility, and good team play.


Also called underwater wrestling, aquathlon is a sport that takes place underwater. Two competitors who wear masks and fins participate in wrestling underwater while attempting to remove a ribbon that is attached to the other's ankle band to win the bout. This takes place within a sixteen-foot square ring in a swimming pool. It consists of three 30 second rounds. A fourth round is permitted should a tie occur.

Water sports extend far beyond simple swimming. Swimming alone is excellent exercise, but when combined with other aspects, it becomes a truly remarkable pastime. What starts as a simple restorative and aerobic exercise becomes a thrilling challenge or a truly beautiful ballet in the water. Whether participants are working together or striving against each other, the results are remarkably healthful and challenging.

Craig Middleton
Craig Middleton
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