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Somers Takes League Title versus Yorktown

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By Rich MonettiPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

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On Monday January 29, Somers faced Yorktown at the high school and at least a share of the league title was at stake for the Tuskers. A match that began with a hard fought 12-11 decision, which unfortunately didn’t go in favor of Loghan Dwyer. But the loss did not deter his teammates, and the 40 ensuing points really gave their coach something to hang his hat on.

“It’s surreal and I’m proud,” said Coach Ron DiSanto after the 43-24 victory. “It’s also a relief with my 10th year of coaching, and we have our first league championship.”

Of course, the match didn’t look like it would be so one-sided as Dwyer and Dominic Debellis battled it out. With takedowns, reversals and near falls all the way down to the wire, Dwyer thought that he had it and had more than his vantage point to claim victory. “I saw that I pinned him in the video,” said the 101 pounder.

Nonetheless, he knows the nature of wrestling and sports. “The refs can’t see everything,” Dwyer took the omission in stride.

Ethan Steuber wasn’t put off either. A double leg takedown to start, he did the heavy lifting. “You have to grab both legs and power through,” said the 108 pounder.

A near fall was next, and after escaping on the standup to start the second, Steuber got the takedown and pinned with a cradle. Now 28-6 on the year, he was also coming off a pretty successful weekend at the Mahopac tournament. “I beat the Rockland County champ to reach the finals,” said the sophomore of his second place finish.”

The lead got for good, Ryan Ball wasn’t letting up either way. Just trying wipe out my kid, he said, “That’s it.”

48 seconds in, he was done and acknowledged what the league championship means for the team. “We’re improving and accomplishing our goals,” said the 116 pounder.

No reprieve anywhere in sight, Cal Ehrmann received a forfeit, and Derek Kuchinsky soon had six more. The 131 pounder got behind Julian Cuenca for a first period takedown, and after hitting a switch from the bottom in the second, Kuchinsky dropped the Husker with a half nelson pin at 1:26.

A 24-3 lead, Liam Dwyer got a little payback for his brother. A takedown in the first, a reversal and a near fall in the second, and an escape and another takedown in the third gave the 138 pounder a 9-0 victory.

The divisionals and sectionals ahead, he’s going let the outcome hinge on what he can control. “I’m just going to work as hard as I can,” Dwyer clarified.

Since he was wrestling up two weight classes, that goes without saying for Alex Wissa. “We have two 131 pounders, so I get pushed up,” said the 145 pounder.

Colin Sheridan didn’t reap any reward, though. Wissa opened with a single leg takedown and after escaping to standing position, the senior’s recollection was a bit of a blur. “I don’t even know what happened. I tossed him. I was on my back for a second, rolled through and put him on his back,” said Wissa.

There Sheridan stayed, and a 34-3 lead ushered in Robert Vrabel. He built a 5-0 second period lead over Nicolas Bucello and cleaned up with a double grapevine. “It’s a little hard to describe,” the senior joked.

His pin with 14 seconds left in the second wasn’t, but Somers finally did fall at 160. An up and down match between Anthony Muscolino and Duke Rexhepi, the score stood 7-6 in the second and suddenly ended. Muscolino got control and pinned the Tusker at 1:06 of the second.

A similar scenario played out at 170. Tyler Caricati and TJ Mauro struggled to a 4-3 third period score, so Mauro let his opponent to his feet. Hoping to get a tying takedown, the Tusker was not able, and the clock ran out on a 5-3 defeat.

The match well in hand anyway, Justin Daniyan wasn’t ready to celebrate yet. “I still wanted to win my match,” the 190 pounder assured.

A first period takedown, a couple of reversals and a near fall, the senior completed the Somers side of the scoresheet with an 8-1 victory. So the wrestling banner needing an adjustment, Vrabel relished being part of pulling the strings. “It feels like we made history,” the senior concluded. “I really couldn’t be more proud."


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