Somers Pub/Muscoot Softball Moments that Define the Years

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Somers Pub/Muscoot Softball Moments that Define the Years

Larry Bauman, Muscoot, Somerfields, and Somers Pub - we’ve been at this for twenty plus years. A lot of exciting moments, a few championships and a number of t-shirts mark our existence. But more importantly, there’s an excess of emblematic moments that define us and here’s a list of the best.

Stats Don’t Lie

Yes, there was an early glitch with the fielder’s choice stat line, but that was quickly corrected. Still, errors were included as part of OBP, and that's not exactly how MLB does it. I didn't know we were the Yankees, and isn’t getting on base, what it’s all about. Maybe not but a full on blowout by Jake to undue the long standing procedure was great fodder for the parking lot. And should be for years to come.

Steven King

Why heap praise on any of our opponents by actually knowing their names. Jeff Goldblum, Goat Boy, Don La Greca Bobby the Mailman, the list is endless.

Greatest Opening Line Ever

I won’t provide much detail here. I’ll just say Bunny Foo-Foo and leave it at that.

Soften it up

Once again Harvey’s head is anywhere but on the game. So JB innocently starts bouncing the ball off the rubber. “Hey that softens the ball up. Cut that out,” Harvey awakens. Conveniently, JB has suddenly gone deaf. We knew where this was going. But who would have guessed that we’d never see Joe Klatt again.

A little short on players, no problem

Fortunately, whenever we’re up against the clock and struggling to gather ten, we have enough connections to fill out the roster. How could we ever forget Big Mo. Thanks Joe.

We could use some offense

We were in free fall and dreading a possible move down to "C" league. But we were hanging on, while struggling for offense. So obviously we pulled George in favor of the rarely present Dean Wood. A terrible affront to a mainstay who makes every game and never fails to keep us laughing in the parking lot or on the text thread. But given the implosion George struggled to contain, it was well worth it.

We don’t drug test

We’re all about the 4th amendment - especially when we could use some young legs in the outfield. He was a recovering addict anyway so it was all good. Well, all except for that one time when the prodigy's pupils were rotating around his eye socket in different directions

Let it Roll

Hawk started the roll to first base but Rodd perfected the move. The playoffs on the line, either Forbes went in with a win or we did. What better way to let it roll then. I wasn’t there, but I would have loved to have heard the collective, “Wa.”


The biggest “Wa” of them all, and once again, the esteemed honors go to Rodd. Yes, JB clearly was gunning for the middle, and the big Pirate pitcher deserved it. He was screwing around outside the batter’s box and giving JB grief for calling it out. Good for him but Reynolds definitely was not part of the plan, and when the ex-minor leaguer lined one off the pitcher’s heart, they probably heard the thud at Northern Westchester Hospital. You got to give the be-speckled 50 something credit, though. He actually picked up the ball and threw it to first. But then came the moans and accusatory claims of premeditated assault. Leave it Rodd to call the “Wa” out as the injured party wreathed around in the dirt… He doesn’t run this team for nothing.

Not done with Rodd yet

Forbes on the playoff docket, our leader invoked a little known clause in the rule book. “If the player’s name is not in the league roster book behind the plate then…” Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got in their heads, and by game’s end, nine was enough to cancel their insurance and send Whitey home.

Advanced Scouting from 1st Base

Obviously fielders must be moved around based on advanced scouting reports. So who better to do that than the Pub's longest tenured member of Somers Mens Softball. Ok, I’ve been wrong a few times. More than a few times?

I don’t know who started it…

Never a team to stir up controversy, we had an even rarer dustup with Red Mills. Uh, maybe not but Che has dibs on our most iconic moment. “I don’t know who started it, but I know who’s going to finish it.” I’m pretty sure the line will be inscribed on his plaque when he enters the Somers Mens Softball Hall of Fame.

It runs in the family…

You don't actually have to be on the team to make the list. Sputtering a long at mid game, we’re lifeless and getting shut out. So out of the crowd comes a voice. “It’s 9-0 guys - wake up.” Thanks Diane and we came back for the win.

More Che, It runs in the family II

Two of our key players were once again off for some alone time, and 9 guys were left to open the playoffs. The familiar deuce knows who they are, and had the rest of us grumbling. We got trounced by West Somers Park, and between games, the dissension moved to the parking lot. So Che went all John Belushi on us. “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor,” he chastised us in not so many words, and a 25-1 drubbing ensued. Two more blowouts put us in the finals where we finally succumbed.

The guy in left field has one hand

The good old days were epitomized by a great rivalry with Mad Dogs and actually contained a mutual respect. But look at the left fielder, he’s got one hand. Run on that guy - no advanced scouting was needed. The leftfielder proceeded to throw two guys out at the plate in a 3-2 loss for us and probably went onto to hit about .800 against us going forward.

Well, that should do...

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