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Somers Lacrosse Defeats Greeley 8-5

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By Rich MonettiPublished 25 days ago Updated 21 days ago 3 min read

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Boys Lacrosse v Somers

On Tuesday April 30, Somers traveled to Horace Greeley, and a 5-5 fourth quarter drew praise from Tusker Coach Deb Daly. “It was a great game by both teams,” she said. But only one team went home a winner, and three straight goals were the deciding factor.

Lyla Mancini broke the tie, Sydney Ingraham provided the insurance, and Molly Fink put it away.

Greeley would get on the board first, though. Grace Richards danced into some space on the goal line and beat Campbell Sternberg for a 1-0 lead.

In at 8:48, Sternberg responded by putting up a double wall. First she stopped Richards’ free shot on the penalty, and after Somers missed their own penalty shot, Sternberg snared Bae Bounds straight on free shot at 4:35.

This left Molly Fink to step up and around. The attacker circumnavigated the defense and scored point blank on Tatum Walsh at 2:39.

A 1-1 game, Ingraham sent the ball skyward on the draw, and like the Tusker ESP was engaged, the ball fell perfectly into the net of an advancing Fink. Then maintaining control, Ingraham connected on the shooting space penalty and closed the first period scoring with 51 seconds remaining.

Undeterred, Greeley took the draw and got right back into the swing of things. Taking a pass on the left, Rowan Edson got in deep and was primed to tie. A ping was the best she could do, and Somers ran down the ball off the post.

No apology forthcoming either, Fink made the most of her narrow margin of error. She threaded a pass into Caitlin Mayfield, and she dumped the ball in for a 3-1 lead at 9:41.

The draw to Somers, Walsh made sure Tuskers didn’t get ideas about stampeding. Ella Lassen received a perfect pass out front from Marissa Grippo and was left face to face.

Instead, the Quaker goalie employed her catcher, and on the successful stick turn, play went the other way for Logan Skuro. Set up on the right, she did her own twist and beat Sternberg for a 3-2 score.

6:54 left in the half, it was Greeley who got on a roll. Up with the scramble, Edson had the scoop and didn’t wait long to level the playing field. The middie drew the penalty, and the score was tied.

6:10 left in the half, now it was Sternberg’s turn to make sure the Quakers didn’t congregate. With the point blank shot coming from the right, the Somers goalie reached up and denied Greeley the lead.

Turnovers going back and forth the rest of the half, the goalies kept the status quo to start the third. Both made big saves with their catchers before one finally broke. At 7:55, Mancini was fouled on the right and shot overhand for a 4-3 lead at 7:22.

Sternberg made sure to keep it there - despite the best efforts of Edson. Twice Edson had the net in her sights from close range, and to her coach’s approval, the Somers goalie held serve with a deuce. “Campbell Sternberg played outstanding in the goal and stayed very composed,” asserted Daly.

So did Jocelyn Klein when she beat the double team up the field. From there, the defender left the rest to Lassen. She drew the penalty with 55 seconds remaining in the third and scored to give Somers a two goal edge.

Time of the essence, Greeley didn’t waste any. They won the draw, and Ava Corini trailing, Richards hit the middie for a 5-4 game to close the third period.

The opening of the fourth was just as nice for Greeley. Walsh reached up for a big point blank save from the left, and synergy ruled the day on the other side. From behind, Skuro made a perfect lead pass to a cutting Taylor Rice, and it was a tie ball game with 10:32 left in the game.

Still the draw went to Somers, and the girls didn’t waste the opportunity. On an entry pass from Ingraham, Mancini took a hit to the head, and her penalty shot goal transferred the pain to Greeley.

9:25 to go, Sternberg didn’t offer an analgesic either, and once again, Edson could attest firsthand. Drawing the penalty, she shot low, and Sternberg was there on the bounce with 6:38 remaining.

Back the other way, Ingraham took her turn on the free shot, and falling to the ground, she made good. Up two with 4:38 to go, Fink made sure.

She got the ball at the 30, cut inside her defender and fired away for the 8-5 final that sat well with Daly. “Somers had a team win tonight and played together on both ends of the field,” she concluded.


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