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NFL Power Rankings Week 16


By Niko BanksPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

10. Rams 8-7

It was a tough competition for number 10, but the Rams have risen above the rest, and it comes down to one thing. In the playoffs, who would be the biggest problem? The Rams have rebuilt their offense, and they have a Super Bowl pedigree. They are a big threat to upset any team they would see in the playoffs. There are a lot of teams crossing their fingers that the Rams don't get in.

9. Chiefs 9-6

The Chiefs are sliding. They are 9-6 and the defending Super Bowl champions, but at this point, would we be surprised if the Chiefs ended up 9-8? The performance they put on against the Raiders was terrible. They are getting worse as the season goes on. The Chiefs are still in the top ten and have earned that by win-loss record, but barely. The Raiders game showed that even when the defense plays great, it still can't save the Chiefs.

8. Bills 9-6

The Bills have changed their formula. They are relying less on Diggs and Allen and playing a more complete game, and for the most part, it is working. The Bills are playing better as a team, which has vaulted them back into the top ten and climbing.

7. Cowboys 10-5

The Cowboys took a tough loss to the Dolphins. I hate to say it, but it seems like what Stephen A. says about the Cowboys: just wait. I don't say that to say that the Cowboys suck, but there always seems to be some Achilles heel for the Cowboys. A couple of years ago, they couldn't beat good teams. Then their defense was World Beaters, but the offense was a liability. Dak was throwing picks, and it cost them in the biggest game. This year, it seemed like they had it all, but now they can't win away games, and it looks like the defense has fallen off.

The good news is that the Cowboy's defense could get better and recover for the playoffs. Also, Dak has played well even in their losses and has been amazing this year. As troubled as the Cowboys season has been from a Super Bowl perspective, it can still get right. The Cowboys have the right stuff to go far and could conceivably get right.

6. Browns 10-5

The Browns win again. Flacco and Amari Cooper, my god, they made a statement. Pick your poison with the Browns. Look what Flacco and Cooper did when they got on a roll. This is an offense that can go up and down the field for 300 yards and 4tds, and oh, by the way, they have one of the top three best defenses in the league. The Browns have been on the power rankings all year, and now they are the third-best team in the AFC. I wouldn't be surprised if they climbed higher.

5. Eagles 11-4

Story of the Eagles season: they are the worst 11-4 team, but they are 11-4. The Eagles played very badly against the Giants, but it would be a lot worse if they lost. Sadly, this is just who the Eagles are. At this point, it's not going to get better. Every game will be a dogfight, and you will never know what to expect from them. Fortunately, the Eagles have been in a lot of these dogfights, and they have come out on top in most of them, so if they can hang around against the other teams, they will likely find a way to win.

4. Lions 11-4

The Lions continue to struggle against teams in their division. We know the Lions' offense is explosive, but the defense seems worse than it once was. The defense could get better with the return of some players, but as of now, the Lions remain both a juggernaut and a question mark.

3. Dolphins 11-4

Wooooohooo! The Dolphins have finally proved themselves and reclaimed the hype they once had. They have sured up that defense and proved they can beat good teams. This Dolphins record is more real than it ever has been. This Dolphins team is a serious Super Bowl contender.

2. 49ers 11-4

The 49ers got a big win again, made it to the top of the power rankings, looked unstoppable, and then fell off. Purdy probably lost the MVP in that game, and Kyle lost another come-from-behind game, and he should have to answer for that because he has never been able to do it. Kyle is 0-38 when down by seven or more in the 7th. That's unacceptable, given the elite roster the 49ers have. Unfortunately, this loss will reverberate. The other biggest fault of the 49ers is they weren't good when they weren't in full health, and now they are not. So, the once unbeatable 49ers are vulnerable at the wrong time. On the plus side, they have all the pieces they need to go all the way to the Super Bowl if they can capitalize on them. Most teams only have a superhero, but the 49ers have Avengers. They should be able to win without all of the Avengers.

1. Ravens 12-3

The Ravens have been in the top three for most of the season, and the moment they got the chance to take the number one spot, they blew the doors off the league. They didn't beat the 49ers. They beat the crap out of the 49ers. I don't think anyone expected that. This is the Raven's year to go all the way. If not now, then when?


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