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Mavericks' Struggles and Luka Doncic’s Accountability

A Closer Look at Game 2 Loss to the Celtics

By Polycarp AgevPublished 3 days ago 3 min read

Following their Game 2 defeat, the Dallas Mavericks faced a multitude of unanswered questions. Their system appeared riddled with issues that no in-game adjustments could adequately address—ranging from defensive lapses to inefficient player spacing within Jason Kidd's strategies.

The Boston Celtics' Success

In stark contrast, the Boston Celtics showcased a cohesive and effective performance during the NBA Finals, securing a 105 to 98 victory. Various Celtics players rose to the occasion, contributing significantly to their team’s triumph. This type of consistent performance can be frustrating for superstars who struggle to find similar support. Is this the predicament Luka Doncic finds himself in?

Doncic’s Reaction

Despite the loss, Luka Doncic did not appear overly frustrated with himself. According to Landon Thomas of Mavs Fans For Life, the Mavericks' star took considerable responsibility for the team’s shortcomings. "I believe that we lost the game because of my turnovers and missed free shots. I need to perform much better in those two areas. But ultimately, we need to make shots in order to win the game," Doncic admitted.

The Impact of Turnovers and Missed Free Throws

Doncic’s acknowledgment highlights a critical aspect of their defeat. His eight turnovers played a significant role in disrupting the Mavericks' offensive momentum, which could have otherwise challenged the Celtics’ defense more effectively. Additionally, his struggles at the free-throw line compounded these issues. Despite earning opportunities at the stripe, Doncic converted only half of his eight attempts, further diminishing the Mavericks’ scoring chances.

Doncic’s Overall Performance

While Doncic had some challenging moments, his overall contribution was undeniable. He played for 42 minutes and scored 32 points, achieving a triple-double with 11 assists and 11 rebounds. His defensive efforts were also noteworthy, recording four steals against the formidable Celtics offense. These stats underscore his pivotal role in keeping the Mavericks competitive.

Injuries and Defensive Pressure

Doncic's errors could be partly attributed to his injuries, but the Celtics' defense also deserves credit for their strategic play. Nonetheless, Doncic is expected to adjust and perform better as the series shifts to the Mavericks’ home court.

Coach Jason Kidd’s Perspective

Accountability is crucial for any team aiming for success, and the Mavericks are no exception. Jason Kidd, the head coach, appreciated Doncic’s self-awareness regarding his role in their defeat. In the post-game press conference, Kidd acknowledged Doncic’s efforts, stating, "He was excellent. Whatever he says, he is a leader; that much is true. It’s a collective effort; it’s not all on him. As a team, we succeed or fail. He put us in a position, he was really good tonight, and unfortunately we couldn’t get over the hump."

Strategic Adjustments

Kidd’s role extends beyond acknowledging player efforts; he must also devise strategies to enhance team performance. One critical area is optimizing the roles of key players like Kyrie Irving and PJ Washington, ensuring they can operate effectively within the game plan. Additionally, integrating players like Dereck Lively II and Daniel Gafford more effectively, especially if the Celtics continue to disrupt the Mavericks’ offensive schemes, is essential.

Looking Forward

If these adjustments are successfully implemented, the NBA Finals series could potentially extend until the Mavericks secure four victories. The team’s ability to adapt and overcome their current challenges will be pivotal in determining their success.


The Mavericks’ Game 2 loss to the Celtics highlighted several critical issues, from defensive weaknesses to offensive inefficiencies. Luka Doncic’s accountability and recognition of his own mistakes are positive signs, but the team as a whole must improve and adapt. Jason Kidd’s strategic adjustments will be crucial in leveraging the strengths of players like Doncic, Irving, and others to turn the series around. The next games will be a test of their resilience and ability to execute under pressure.


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