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Kansas City Chiefs: A Football Family

by abert bruce about a year ago in football
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The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs is an American football team traditionally based in Kansas City, Missouri. They compete in the National Football League's Western Division as an independent member of the league. The team is one of the pioneers in the NFL's new expansion of Sunday Ticket, offering sports lovers a chance to watch their favorite teams in the biggest games in the country. The club is the only remaining one of the original eight NFL franchises that was not established during the opening phases of the NFL's competition and was known as the Kansas City Blues.

The Chiefs are the home of several current and former NFL players, such as Brian Bosworth, Charley Cusick, Anthony Luna, and Tony Harrison. The team is also the site of two annual NFL Thanksgiving Day festivities, "Thanksgiving Kickoff" and "Thanksgiving Day at Chiefs Stadium." The team's location has made it a rich and famous local business community center. Aside from being the venue for several events, it is also a shopping center. The shopping center has continuously drawn residents and visitors in increasing numbers every year.


The team's stadium, named after a legendary Kansas City street artist, is located in the south downtown district of the city. Located across the street from the arena, is the world-class Schlickerbocker Center. The center is home to the "College Basketball Experience," which includes a selection of entertainment venues for college game viewing. The Center is one of the venues that have regularly filled up with fans of both the NFL and the college game.

The city of Kansas City itself has much to offer outside of football. Sporting events, tours, and cultural events are regularly held in the area. Museums and zoos feature various species of animals and plants of the city and its surrounding areas. It also boasts of rich history, boasting of the "Big Red House," a historic monument that has been the site of many battles. Tourists can take a wagon ride along the banks of the Ozark River and view a good amount of the country's history at the same time. Get your Kansas City Chiefs group tickets online from Tix2games.

Sports fanatics will also appreciate the chance to attend a few home games. The Kansas City Chiefs brings the bright blue and white colors of the NFL right to the people of Kansas City. The team's stadium, named after a legendary Kansas City native, is located on the campus of the University of Kansas. In addition to the traditional football games, the team also features basketball, baseball, and soccer in their year around schedules. During the regular season, the team plays host to several events such as youth basketball championships and musical events. Several musical acts make appearances at the facility as well, such as The Rolling Stones and Suicidal Tendencies.

The Chiefs are one of only two professional football teams in the entire country to be given an official college nickname. The other team is the North Texas Cowboys. The city of Dallas is the perfect locale for a team with a name like the Chiefs. Many people commute to the downtown area and the team's popularity has made it one of the most popular in the state.

Many fans travel from all over the country to see the Chiefs play. Many stores have seen a tremendous increase in business as the team makes its way through the playoffs. The city is also well known for bringing tourists to the downtown area and all of its exciting attractions. The weather is wonderful most of the year, making it an ideal place for a vacation or a getaway.

The Kansas City Chiefs touts more than just a winning team though. The fans are some of the best in the National Football League. This is evident by the fact that the Chiefs have been crowned Super Bowl champions three out of four times. They also recently added defensive standout Marcus Allen to their ranks. Allen is one of the best defensive ends in the game today and has transformed the Chiefs into a dangerous offense that attacks the football program and fans from coast to coast.


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