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John Jay Bowlers Are Rolling Again

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By Rich MonettiPublished 5 months ago Updated 4 months ago 3 min read


On Thursday January 4, the bowling teams went to Cortland Lanes for matches against Hen Hud and Briarcliff. Unfortunately, the girls hit choppy seas versus the first place Sailors and were shutout 7-0. But the boys had better luck versus the Bears.

Winning four games to three, the series high scorer was glad to take the victory. “It feels really good,” said John Curtin. “We were very consistent.”

His 406 series score said as much, and differentiates from last year. “I’m definitely way better,” he said.

The bowler mostly credits his positioning. “I line myself up by the arrows and not in the middle,” said Curtin.

That more often leaves him hitting to the left or right of the front pin, but in terms of the high game he was just behind. Connor Harty had a 167 and wasn’t worried about his low game of 97. “Bowling, it’s fun stuff,” he said.

A series score of 377, Harty was just ahead of Nick Maiorana’s 370. A 157 among his game, being ahead of the curve in relation to the bowler’s hook has been a bit more random. “I’m just kind of tossing it,” said Maiorana.

Good enough for the win, the good day for the boys didn’t mean a total loss for the girls. “I’d rather try my hardest versus a good team than not try so hard against a bad team,” said Kayleigh Plutzker.

Unfortunately, the anticipation was good for only a third best 317 series score among her teammates. “I could do better,” she said.

A new ball on the way, the Wolf sees a better fit making a difference. “My fingers keep getting stuck. That makes my arm tired and wastes a lot of energy,” Plutzker lamented.

She also intends to take the new sphere round the bend. “A hooking ball,” she said, “It can hook all the way to the middle, and I think that will improve my game.”

That said, the five newcomers to the girls’ team are on the upswing, according to Coach Paul Plutzker. “A lot of them were averaging in their 60s, and now they are consistently getting over 100,” he said.

One of those is Lillian Silverman and she credits being in full swing. “I’m just following through,” she assured.

The high series score did go to Sky Corradino (327), but in the end, no one is really counting when it comes to the camaraderie. “Everybody is fun and chill,” concluded Silverman.

First Week

Bowling season has begun. On the girls side, the Wolves defeated Lakeland by a score of 7-0 and won the pin count 1489-1356. Sky Corradino had a 140 and Kayleigh Plutzker had a 120, while the series highs went to Corradino (355), Plutzker (344) and Lillian Silverman (315). The second match was a 7-0 loss to Yorktown, where the pin count was 1735-1516. Plutzker had a 119 and Silverman rolled a 117 and a 115. As for the series roll, Silverman and Plutzker had a 335, and Corradino finished with 324. Then the girls got back in the win column. Another sweep, the girls tallied a 1597-814 victory over Peekskill. Plutzker was high game at 136 and Corradino and Michaela Woodard followed with a pair of 131’s. The series totals were a 363 for Corradino, a 360 for Woodard and a 344 for Plutzker. Finally, the girls were swept against Hen Hud and registered a pin count of 1679-1463. Plutzker rolled a 130, Silverman a 116 and Corradino a 114. They are now 2-2 and 14-14 in point standings.

As for the boys, their first match was a 7-0, 2780-1706 loss to Lakeland. John Curtin had the high game at 158 and Taylor Julian and Sawyer Rand had a 126 and 122. Curtin also had the series high (385) and was followed by Julian (331) and Connor Harty (330). In the second match versus Yorktown, the boys lost 7-0 by a total pin score of 2486-1616.

Curtin had a 163 and a 159 and Bart Kolano finished with 133, while Curtin rung of a series of 435, Kolano a 351 and Nick Maiorana a 326. A win was next. They beat Peekskill 7-0, where Maiorana rolled a 189 and 143 and Harty had a 142. The series high went to Maiorana, while Harty bowled a 404 and Rand a 298. Finally, the boys got beat by Hen Hud. A 7-0 shutout, the 2928-1757 count had John Curtin bowling a career high of 210. In addition, he had a 142 and Harty rounded sheet with a 137. All together, Curtin tallied a 477, Harty a 379 and Kolano a 308. The boys record stands at 1-3 and 7-21 in the points standings.


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