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Jets Fly High in 2021?

by 2M Football Show about a year ago in football
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By: Matt D of 2M Football Show

As of 11/24/2020, the New York Jets are the first team officially eliminated from the postseason potential. While anyone in the football community is not surprised since the team is 0–10 at this point, is there maybe a glimmer of hope? As things stand the Jets are most likely the top pick in the 2021 draft, The questions becomes what will the franchise do? Let’s observe each side of the ball and see what needs we are looking for.

Coaching- Oh man…Where do I even begin. I feel like everything Adam Gase touches, turns to crap. I also believe that teams and players tend to fair better in the post Gase era (Tannehill and the Dolphins anyone?). So here is where I feel the first change needs to happen. Gase gone and replaced by someone who can really bring the culture around. especially if they decide to ditch Darnold and grab Trevor Lawrence. If we are thinking a ground up culture and team rebuild, Matt Campbell could be brought up from the college ranks to give this team a remake. Currently the Head Coach of Iowa State, he can follow in the footsteps of Ruhl and Kingsbury. In many cases this also involves a major overhaul of the staff as well. So here would be the coaching staff of the team:

Kris Richard — Defensive Coordinator. Previous noted stint includes a time in Seattle when the Legion of Boom brought the pain. That was the creation of Kris Richard who had a hand in it.

Duce Stanley- Offensive Coordinator. Currently the Running backs coach and Assistant Head Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. Highly praised candidate.

Tracy Smith- Special Teams Coordinator. Current Special Teams Coach for the Houston Texans.

Offensive Side- It is so hard to put any of this blame on the players for this team. I believe in Darnold and I believe in the backfield that has started to develop. I will however act under the assumption that Gase is somehow retained and that the Jets will take a QB with the first pick. While the overall call is for Trevor Lawrence, I feel like he is better suited for a much more stable offense, i.e. New England. Justin Fields may well be the better pick here with a mediocre pass corp. Fields’ accuracy was on full display when OSU faced Nebraska not missing a single pass attempt. Th offensive line needs an overall as done the WR Corp, minus Braxton Berrios. Here are a few Free Agents that might help the Jets in 2021:

Ray-Ray McCloud, WR PIT- Has shown some flashes of potential. Lost amongst the talented WR’s and backfield of the Steel Giants. 3 yr 9 Mil deal.

Danny Amendola, WR DET,- Wily veteran, his experience can be vital in the slot to open lanes. 3 yr 13 million.

Rex Burkhead, RB NE- Proved a better hot hand in both the pass and rush under a Newton driven offense. He could aid in both the passing and goal to go rush situations bringing dimension to the offense. 3 yr 11 mil

Brandon Schreff, RG WSH- Solid and reliable for Washington, Schreff could be the anchor and leader on this line. 3 yr 25 mil

Trent Williams, LT SF- Reliable and nothing fancy. There is a need to protect the blind side of a QB though. 3 yr 18 mil

Defensive side- With a 31st ranked defense it is hard to decide where to place blame. While I have always been a fan of Gregg Williams, he has had to deal with his defenses being on the field more than off. A gassed defense is seldom the key to success. With that being said personnel also play a role. Here are a few options to boost this porous defense:

KJ Wright, OLB SEA- Still a disruptive force, Wright is starting to age as an Outside Linebacker. Still would be a major boost to the run defense. 2 yr 12 mil

Tahir Whitehead, OLB CAR- Mediocre overall this could be a bargain player that can be of some help as a spy on the QB. 2 yr 6 mil

Maliek Collins, DT LVR- Could become an anchor point of the D Line. 3 yr 15 mil

Nickell Robey-Coleman, CB PHI- 91st rank according to PFF. Best used with Cover2 Defense. Best PFF attribute is pass rushing on blitzes. 3 yr 6 mil

Ronald Darby, CB WSH- 6th rated by PFF. Solid and dependable this guy will have a price tag, but make an immediate impact. 4 yr 17 mil

Special Teams- With a average rating of 9th overall, this is probably the best area of this team. But one does have to assume that if there is a head coaching change, this would also change. Only time will tell.

Overall this 2020 campaign, at least up to this point, has been horrific. 0–10 is what the record stands at and the win column will continue to look empty in the foreseeable weeks. With the end of the season approaching fast it remains to be seen what this team will plan on doing. I laid the ground work for many options that will be available. Will they be able to claim all these players, no but even one or two strong free agents combined with very good use of their 18 2021 draft picks, can make this team competitive quick. Stay tuned for the next team breakdown!


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