Case Plays 4/27 - 5/1

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Using Some Judgement

Case Plays 4/27 - 5/1
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This week we focused on calls that involve a certain level of judgment and application of philosophy. The simple answer is always I need to see this to rule on it, but part of the fun with plays like these is going down all of the rabbit holes. I highly recommend going through these plays with your crew or a group of officials to get a different perspective.


1/10 @ the A20. A8 rolls out to the right. During TE A88's route, he was held up by B32 right before he broke for the out portion of his route. A88 caused the contact to B32 who kept both of his hands inside and let go as A88 began his break. During A8's rollout, the backside tackle A77 held B99 at the A18. B99 would not have made it to QB A8 who eventually scrambles out of bounds at the A23.


1/5 @ the B35. Team A lines up in a pistol formation. The snap is high and tipped by QB A8. A24 catches the muffed snap. A24 runs towards the line of scrimmage and with his lead foot at the B34 and the ball still behind the LOS throws the ball to A88. A8 hits B54 in the side while he is pursuing A24.


2/6 @ the B48. Before the snap team, A notices that they have the wrong player on the field. They quickly sub out WR A86 for WR A80. A86 was lined up outside of the numbers nearest his sideline. A80 takes 6 steps onto the field lined up just at the numbers and becomes set. Cornerback B24 who was in a pressing position on A86 transitioned to A80. A8 throws a quick pass out to A80 who began to motion during the cadence. A80 is immediately tackled at the B46.


3/3 @ the A48. QB A8 goes from a shotgun position to under center. A8 begins a hard count. A24, the running back, takes two hard steps at an angle towards the line and becomes set again. Team Coach from A then calls a timeout.


3/3 @ the A48. After coming out of a TO, Team A lines up in a double TE and wingback formation. Before dropping into a 3 point stance both TEs stand up and sprint out to line up as WR. After they become set, wingback A24 motions back towards the RB when QB A8 snaps the ball. He pitches the ball to A24 who trips fumbling the ball forward to the A46 yard line where it is recovered by A74.

Bonus Play 1

4/1 @ the A36. A8 lines up under center. He begins a hard snap when he realizes they are missing a tackle he makes a jerking motion and points towards the missing tackle's position. B90 jumps offsides due to the motion on A8. B90 was lined up right over the guard before jumping offsides. At the same time as B90 jumps, A24 the running back begins a lateral motion after making a step forward towards the line.

Bonus Play 2

4/1 @ the A36. A8 lines up under center. The line remains in a two-point stance throughout the cadence. They then snap down into a three-point stance as their coach yells "hit". B90 jumps into the neutral zone through the A gap. Head Coach from team B begins to yell across the field at the Coach from team A saying he is classes. The coach from Team A yells while stepping onto the field, at the referee saying you need to get this game under control.

What do you have? What is the conversation your crew is having? There are potentially different answers depending on what rule book you are using. Let us know what you have in the comment section.

JJ Vito
JJ Vito
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