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by Lawrence Edward Hinchee 5 days ago in baseball · updated 4 days ago

Lodo baby

This team needs no introduction to the world of Major League Baseball. For thirty years the people and the city and county of Denver fought to bring a professional baseball team to the Mile High City. In 1991, Major League Baseball rewarded the city with an expansion franchise That would be called the Colorado Rockies. Their first game would not be played for two years yet, but there was already excitement building around the team. With the ownership group of the Monfort Brothers and Gerry McMcmorris, we had a busy two years ahead.

They held alternating drafts between the Rockies and the Marlins. We knew we were getting everyone's players that no one really wanted or the clubs thought were washed up. One of the knocks of putting a franchise in Denver was attendance at games, well if the first season was any indicator then hold on to your socks. On opening day the club drew 80,227 fans, a record for single game. Although Mile High Stadium was primarily a football stadium, the club drew over 4 million fans in its first year.

I worked clubhouse security the first two years at Mile High and got to know the players and their wives. It was fun, season tickets without having to pay for them.. I was sitting on the field on the visitors dugout area, making sure no one messed with the Mets. The Rockies were already losing 4 to 0 in the bottom of the first. My favorite player, Andres (Big Cat) Gallaraga came up to bat, he got a pitch to hit and he put it in the parking lot. As Cat came out to go home for the night, I told him that was a great home run he hit. He walked up shook my hand and said thank you my friend. We truly were friends on and off the field. The Rockies started a tradition, to where whoever signed a great big contract was asked if they would renovate one of the little league fields in the region to where the kids had a safe place to play. Not one of the players to date has said no.

Denver has always had a love hate relationship with all of their sports teams and it shows up in ticket sales. Denver has five professional sports teams so if one isn't performing and another one is, they are ones that are getting the support. The Rockies have always been a middle of the pack performing team and some seasons, have been real brilliant. They have made the World Series once and the playoffs five times.

This season has already been a mess with the best ever third baseman the team has ever had traded away for nothing plus fifty-one million, who does that and the ownership group saying they aren't going to put a championship product on the field until the team wins them a championship. I say fire the owners.

In 2007, it was our best season ever. In this game Todd Helton hits a walk-off two run homerun against the Dodgers. I happened to have been there and it was great. https://youtu.be/lMXFO85xflY This is another memorable moment in 2009 when this guy for the Rockies managed to add some excitement to the game. https://youtu.be/pWPXUpfRbGU This game had the Rockies hopelessly out of it by the eighth inning down by ten runs. Well the home team surprises you, and scores twelve in the bottom of the eighth. https://youtu.be/wdkuU81ewTc My favorite uniform tops are the purple or the black with silver

Lawrence Edward Hinchee
Lawrence Edward Hinchee
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