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6 things to know when buying a new bow

by shuvam dutta 10 months ago in culture

Things to know before buying bow

Are you looking for the perfect bow for yourself? Are you unsure on how to pick the right bow for yourself? Are you in doubt about the right specifications for the perfect bow? You do not need to let these doubts consume you anymore. This article is exactly what you need to read to pick ‘the perfect bow’ for yourself.

You do not need to spend excessive money to get the right bow. All you need are a few tips and specific facts about bows. Here are six of the most important things you need to know. Read below to make an informed decision:

1. Determine your draw length

Everyone has different arm length and strength. The length and strength of your arm determine your draw length. The bow you use must have the perfect draw length for you. This is one reason why you cannot shoot perfectly and smoothly with someone else's bow. There is always some difference if not much in the draw length between two bows.

You can get an expert to help you determine your draw length or most of the best bow sites have DIY’s and tutorials to help you determine the perfect draw length.

2. Determine your draw weight

Just like the draw length, the draw weight also depends on your arm strength. To be more precise, the draw weight is actually the strength of your bow shooting muscles. Although this changes with time, it’s important to be precise with the right draw weight for yourself. This makes shooting extremely easier.

You will be glad to know that the best bow hunting sites give you an option of buying bows with adjustable draw weight and draw length.

3. Your let-off preference

The let-off is completely a personal choice among shooters. The let-off is something that many shooters might fail to consider but this is as important as every other factor that is taken into consideration while buying a bow. If you prefer to shoot flat, powerful and fast, you need to choose the bow with a low let-off. Apparently, a high let-off will make it very easy and smooth for you to shoot.

4. The perfect bow length

The length of the bow you use is very important. You need to choose the length with which you are most comfortable. A short bow is easy to handle and shoot multiple shoots faster. Short bows have a disadvantage of not shooting accurately or making it difficult to shoot accurately.

On the other hand, longer bows are more accurate and powerful but are not easy to handle. When choosing the perfect bow length, you need to consider your body height as well and it is always suggested to not choose an extremely long or an extremely short bow.

5. The comforting brace height

The brace height is one of the most vital features of a bow for any given shooter. This is a feature that needs to be examined and selected as perfectly as possible. The reason for this is because the brace height of the bow has a direct and strong impact on the accuracy and speed of the shot.

The brace height is the distance between the undrawn string and the grip of the bow. Long brace heights make it easier to shoot accurately and a short brace height will help you shoot faster.

6. The bow cams

Bow cams determine how hawkish your bow is. Presently, almost all compound bow sites give you multiple options of buying bows with either one or two bow cams. Bow cams are vital and two bow cams make your bow more vicious. The better the quality of the bow cam, the more vicious your shot. This viciousness of the bow comes from the cams and better bow cams are expensive.

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