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100 years old woman runs 100 meter race in vancouver

100 years old woman runs

By Sah BrosPublished 10 days ago 3 min read
100 years old woman runs 100 meter race in vancouver
Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

She is the oldest candidate to compete in the race.

Kaur’s son Gurdev Singh told the media that his mom started running when she was 93 years old.

She first competed in the World Masters event in Sacramento, USA in 2011, where she received two gold medals in the 90+ age group in the 100-metre and 200-metre events.

Kaur follows an strict home-made food diet, attends fitness trainings and is always brisk in her daily chores. She believes this has boosted her competitive spirit.

Randy Clegg, a spokesperson for the Americas Masters Games, believes Kaur is an inspiration. “The whole reason for this event is to encourage sport for life and when you see someone like Man Kaur competing at 100 years old, it’s truly inspirational,” says Clegg.

“In our event, you qualify just by being over 30, but we accept everybody right up to the 100-year-old category. Our average age is about 49, so it’s nice to see athletes from all skill levels and ages competing,” retorts Clegg.

The first Americas Masters Games started on Friday and will go on until September 4, featuring 5,000 athletes representing 50 countries. The event has athletes from all the different age groups competing in 24 sports from archery to volleyball.

All the events would be held at multiple venues around Vancouver. Thousands of athletes from around the world are in Vancouver for the Americas Masters Games, helping to prove that you’re never too old to do sports.

VANCOUVER – It took 100-year-old Indian runner Man Kaur almost a minute and a half to complete the 100-metre race, but she never broke her stride.

And when she finally crossed the finish line at the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver, her competitors – many of them two decades younger – were there to cheer her on.

Her son and fellow athletes say Kaur’s energy and drive to compete has become an inspiration to participants in the unique international event for athletes over 30.

By Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

Kaur began running at age 93 at the suggestion of her son, 78-year-old Gurdev Singh, who also competes in the Masters Games and says he knew she could become a star in her age category.

She has won more than 20 medals, including snatching three golds this week as she is the only competitor in the category for women over 100.

If you’re wondering whether she holds the elusive secret to a long life, Kaur says unfortunately it’s what you might expect – a good diet and lots of exercise.

Ida Keeling would probably have a strong word or two to say about age discrimination, as the 100-year-old recently set a world record* in her age group for the 100-meter dash, according to Global News.

Keeling ran the race in the 80 years and older category at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia in one minute and 17.33 seconds, faster than any other competitor in her age group across the globe who has ever completed the race.

Hard work and determination

It's no easy task to get out of bed early every day to log long, demanding miles, but Keeling, who traveled to the Penn Relays from her home in Brooklyn, knows the importance of hard work.

"Do what you need to do, not what you want to do. Exercise every day," she told CBS, according to Global News.

In fact, Keeling, who will soon turn 101, only began running when she was 67. Her daughter urged her to begin running races as a way to manage depression and improve her health following the passing of two of her sons. She fell in love with running, and has been training ever since.

"It's the best exercise I know," she told CBS.

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