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How To Make Money Investing in Gold?

There are three ways to make money investing in Gold.

By Mbuso NgwenyaPublished 12 days ago 7 min read
How To Make Money Investing in Gold?
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How To Make Money Investing in Gold

There are three ways to make money investing in Gold. But first, let’s look at Gold as an Investment/money over the years.

Gold As Money

In history Tribes and Countries have been trading goods using many other things as money. They used Salt, Shells, Skins, Stones, Hunting tools, bids, etc. They then discovered metals and how to shape those metals into coins( copper and Silver). But the most valuable metal used for trading for many years since ancient time and still being used today is Gold.

Gold Standard

Gold Standard lead to Gold being set to $35 an Ounce, according to Brentwoods Agreement when the Dollar was declared a Reserve currency. EU Contries then sent their Gold to the Us for safe keep away from the war zone. Then EU keep Dollars as their Central Bank reserves.

Anyone holding Dollars use to be able to exchange Dollars for Gold. In 1971 the US decoupled the dollar from Gold which ended the Gold Standard. No more exchanging Dollars for Gold. The price of Gold have been rising against the dollar ever since 1971. The price of Gold was $35 in 1971 and it has risen as high as $2200 in 2023.

Billionaire Investors On Gold

Warren Buffet don’t view Gold as a good investment because he thinks you cannot make money by holding Gold.

On the other hand, Ray Dalio says, every investor should have some Gold as part of their Portfolio, to hedge against Hyper Inflation.

Risk of Investing In Gold

Price Volatility: Like any other investment, the price of gold can be volatile. Its value can fluctuate due to various factors such as economic conditions, geopolitical events, interest rates, and investor sentiment. These price fluctuations can result in potential losses if the investor sells at a lower price than their purchase price.

Market Risk: Gold is influenced by supply and demand dynamics in the global market. Changes in mining production, central bank reserves, and investor demand can impact the price of gold. Market conditions, such as changes in interest rates or inflation, can also affect gold prices.

Currency Risk: Gold is often priced in U.S. dollars, so fluctuations in currency exchange rates can affect the value of gold for investors in different countries. If the value of the investor's currency declines against the U.S. dollar, it may erode the value of their gold investment.

Storage and Security Risk: Physical gold requires proper storage and security measures. If you choose to hold physical gold, there is a risk of theft, damage,

How To Make Money Investing In Gold: 3 ways

1.Buy and hold gold.

You can buy and hold Gold Coins and Gold Bars. Buy gold when the price of gold has come down(pull back), Dollar Cost Averaging…

2.Investing In early Stage development of Gold companies. This is an advanced way of investing in Gold. It is used gold Bugs, People who have a good understanding of the gold industry.

It involves investing in Gold companies that hold Mining Rights to a Gold Site, before mining even begin. These type of companies earn royalties from the mining companies which mine gold on the gold site.

You can invest in companies that do research for potential gold sites. Early stage investing. These are usually small Private Gold companies that have found gold and are about to go public(become Public companies).

3.You can also invest in gold stocks. These are Gold companies that have gone public(public Gold companies)

You can also invest Gold ETFs. Top 50 / Top 100/ Top 500 gold companies…

Central Banks Have Been Buying Gold. Why?

Central Banks have been buying gold because they want to go back to gold Standard. Central banks are creating CBDCs, Some central banks want to create CBDCs that are backed by Gold. Zimbambwe has Created a CBDC which is backed by gold but Zimbambwe started by using physical gold coins as money to pay for goods and services… India and China have been buying Oil with gold from Russia since Russia is under sanction but also as a way of trading without using the petrodollar, or fiat money from the US.

BRICS nations are preparing to create a currency that will be backed by Gold to trade amongst themselves. Creating a currency backed by Gold for Africa was Muammar Gadafi’s brain child Idea. It could have included the Oil countries from the middle east. What is happening now is that middle east countries want to join BRICS and be part of the Gold backed new currency.


1. Robert Kiosaki says, "Gold and silver are God's money, cannot be printed and Bitcoin is people's money."

2. Gold is a store of value especially during a Financial crisis gold appreciate in value( gold go up)

and keeps value in a recession or hyper Inflation periods...

3. Warren Buffet is investing in Gold. Warren Buffet is famous for saying gold is not a good investment. But during the Financial uncertainty (crash) of 2021 and Covid lockdown, he invested in Gold Mining companies… Here is what Robert Kiosaki said about Warren Buffet investing in Gold…

“In my opinion the biggest news of all in the last few months was that Warren Buffett the oracle of Omaha dumped bank stocks and he dumped airline stocks and he got into Barrick Gold. In other words he shifted into gold mining and he and his buddy peter i mean monger have bad mouth gold forever they own some silver but they bad mouth gold forever and so that is the biggest news of all, because it says something is really fundamentally changed.

In America I mean foundationally, if airlines are going, if he's dumping

airline stocks and he's dumping bank stocks the question is, What does that mean?

You know and CNBC and the other cnbs as they call it,

If they don't cover it, nobody covers it and this is bigger you know. I mean Trump or Biden, it's important but Buffett going into Barrick Gold

is a thousand times bigger news to all of us, because Trump or Biden

have no possible power they cannot stop what's about to happen. So let me say it again, the biggest news of all is not Trump or Biden or Covid, it's Warren Buffett dumping bank stocks. Can you imagine that,

can you imagine that and dumping airline stocks and then buying Barrack Gold. We don't know what else he's bought and the question is, what does that really mean?”

Where Can you Buy Gold?

This is the list of places where you can buy Both Gold Coins and gold bars.

Please note that this list is not ranked and it is always recommended to conduct your own research and compare prices, customer reviews, and other factors before making a purchase. Here are some popular websites where you can buy gold:

1. APMEX (

2. JM Bullion (

3. Kitco (

4. SD Bullion (

5. Provident Metals (

6. BullionVault (

7. Gainesville Coins (

8. Money Metals Exchange (

9. Golden Eagle Coins (

10. Scottsdale Mint (

11. Gold and Silver

NB: is Mike Malone’s website. Mike Malone is an author of a book called Gold and Silver and co-author of Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver and he has a video series that teaches about What is Money, Gold, Hyper Inflation…

Hidden Secrets Of Money

Please note that the availability and pricing of gold may vary across different websites, so it's advisable to compare options and consider factors such as reputation, shipping policies, customer service, and pricing before making a purchase.

GOLD COINs To Invest in Gold

1. KungerRand

2. American Gold Eagle

3. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

4. Australian Gold Kangaroo/Nugget

5. Austrian Gold Philharmonic

6. British Gold Britannia

7. American Buffalo

8. British Gold Sovereign

9. Mexican Gold Libertad

10. American Twenty Dollar Gold Liberty

Earn Interest on Gold

How to earn interest on gold?

You can earn interest on Paxos Gold tokens (PAXG). PAXG are digital gold tokens which 1 PAXG = 1 Ounce of physical Gold store at Paxos Gold Company. Interest is earned on the PAXG token on Binance earn and PAXG tokens can be exchanged for physical Gold at Paxos when the number of tokens reach a minimum required by Paxos Gold company.


It's essential to thoroughly research and understand the risks associated with investing in gold and consider diversifying your investment portfolio to manage risk effectively. Consulting with a financial advisor can provide personalized guidance based on your specific investment goals and risk tolerance

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