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Business Success - Is It Really Simple?

Business Success - Is It Really Simple?

By HuangtxPublished about a month ago 3 min read

1. Character vices, they are lazy and don't do the job they know they can do.

2. They didn't get the right assignment. The market is the boss. Those who succeed tend not to criticize the market or the market for what people want. They followed, realizing that the market was bigger than millionaires, billionaires and even millionaires. I can assume that the demand curve for things is somehow manipulated through influence, celebrity, hype, scarcity, etc., for a while. Maybe you'll even be able to rinse and repeat, but it hasn't started yet. At the end of the day, the basic consumer base is the supplier base that meets those needs.​​

If you are conscious of your choices, this is reflected in the degree to which you choose. Now I just started college and because that was the expectation I wasn't thinking, but even though I made the mistake of getting a degree - which was the mistake of my life purpose - I was thinking about what would work. A lot of people are forced to follow their passion, which is fantastic. I believe in freedom, but I believe in informed consent, not malicious informed consent. A lot of people are just sent away, just like people imagine Lemmings being sent off a cliff, even though in real life it's a Disney fabrication and Lemmings didn't actually do it.

Don't think you know better. You can stumble upon a need. You can feel what you like and need. Maybe you are representative and use your intuition. Or maybe people even pay for research and consulting to gauge the need. I'm not saying it's easy, but the point is the point, the market demand, and then just meet it.

3. Also, maybe people are just weak, shy, scared, and I think people think it's too hard to make millions and be successful. I'm not there yet, I am in my 40s so maybe I was a fool. I try to be realistic, though, and neither too negative nor too positive. I can say that many fail because they are just lazy, others because they refuse to consult the market, It's trying to sell things that aren't needed (not just explicitly "sold," but in the sense that everyone is selling themselves), and others because they're shy, afraid, timid or lazy or can't negotiate, weak. So if you eliminate these three causes, then in a free society (and I know there are repressive places all over the world) and give a person enough time to tell me that if they have health and youth, they will not succeed. Maybe they won't. That's okay, but I do think the percentage went up a lot, including millionaires (since money is a convenient metric) or truly satisfied non-millionaires.

I also recognize that people may have health issues, addiction issues, criminal history issues, etc. But the solution to laziness, shyness, and knowing better than the market is just to get a job from the universe (e.g., need more housing in an area) and open a shop. It can be a tough industry to crack for the average person, but you get the idea. Just do it. Good software engineering is required. Then try to scale up, build a team, diversify your talent base, if you go and build a business line but it's not complicated. Businessmen are not scientists, engineers, etc. Even though they may make 100 times as much and think they don't have to be that smart, they have to have those traits. I think it's absolutely essential that they have these qualities that I describe and stay focused on their mission and path.


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