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Morgan Smith4 days ago
Let’s be honest. When most people say they “went to Mexico,” all they really have done is book a cheap week at an “all-inclusive,” totally modern resort, and collapsed on a beach, drinking margaritas....
Teresa Hull4 days ago
7 Homemade Gifts They Will Actually Like
Impress your loved ones with these seven gifts.
Megan Wilson5 days ago
What's So Great About Traveling Solo? Everything!
“Who are you going with?” This is the most common question I am asked every time I mention a new trip I am going on. And I get it. Most of the time we travel with our families, our partners, and our f...
Zey Ayd5 days ago
A Nourishing Dosage of Native Culture
I landed in this magical city in Turkey. Distinct chatter amongst locals, nothing I seem to understand. First stop? Of course, the gorgeous Bosporus bridge that has everyone talking. It's the only bri...
11 Things to Do When You’re Low on Cash
Here are several ways to earn and save money.
Nevada Dru5 days ago
The 8 Best Ways to Keep Your House Warm This Winter
Winter is coming! And while this may not be Game of Thrones, you will still want to make sure that your home is ready and prepared to keep you warm during these cold months. Here are some handy hints ...