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The Big Future of Tiny Houses (Part 2)
Tiny houses are still a relatively new phenomenon, and local councils and governments aren't 100 percent sure how to go about regulating them yet. Things are moving a-pace though, and collaboration be...
Kathy Slamp2 days ago
Cruising the Yangtze
One of the World's Greatest Rivers
Ryan Frawley2 days ago
The Miracle of the Everyday
I’m not superstitious. I don’t believe in signs and omens. As though the future can be seen somehow in steaming entrails or the filth at the bottom of a cup. Nonsense. The universe is not a novelist, ...
Dream Traveler2 days ago
Need Your Travel Vaccinations?
With the prep for traveling full time, we realized that we might need to get vaccinations that we didn’t receive as children. We started researching 'what vaccines do you need to travel?' We took our ...
Maruxa R. N. 2 days ago
How to Be More Organised When Packing
I've recently gone back to my parents' home in another country hoping to spend a couple of relaxing and warm weeks. You might be wondering if I succeeded, and well, I didn't. Don't get me wrong, I did...
Lu Vazquez2 days ago
Places to Look Out for in Chicago
As someone from Chicago, I always recommend people to visit my hometown. I always enjoyed living in a busy city with shopping malls or restaurants nearby. Chicago has been compared to cities like New ...