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Shaun Pond2 months ago
'Ozark' Is Not the Greatest Show Since 'Breaking Bad'
Read almost any review of Netflix’s hit drama Ozark, and you will very likely read that it is the greatest show since Breaking Bad or is the next incarnation of it. This could be due to a simplified u...
kelvin matchett2 months ago
I should not should not - ---- --- it simply isn't done For we are light and funny and - ---- --- isn't fun It's as much fun I bet As playing a game of Russian roulette With a fully loaded gun I must ...
Archie Swenson2 months ago
There's a Little Bit of Jerry in All of Us
Jerry Smith is the one major character in Rick and Morty who is constantly trampled on and who everyone seems to hate. Rick hates him, mostly because he sees Jerry as having ruined his daughter's life...
David Derouselle2 months ago
Natural Disaster
Hard to fathom the pastures Of my mental memories More than metaphoric similes My brainstorms crucial Thoughts invades neural space Spreading to entities My wave can sweep as a gift or curse Destructi...
Matt Knight2 months ago
7 Haunting Songs About Death
Happiness be damned. While the occasional pop banger does a lot towards keeping one's psyche blissfully aloft, one simply can't escape the existence of a universe saturated by music that explores the ...
Matthew Frati2 months ago
Heading Home
We didn’t hear the news of your departure until three days after you slipped between the jail bars of this world and snuck through a crack in the sky. Now I hear that you predicted that Trump would wi...