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Will Vasquez2 years ago
History of the Lighter at Concerts
It's an image we all know: thousands of people holding lighters in the air, in flickering tribute to their favorite musicians. No concert is complete without it; it's a way of bringing people together...
Adam Quinn2 years ago
Add These Best 70s New Wave Songs to Your Playlist
I have about 2000 albums—that's vinyl for all you digital people. 1000 or so are classical, collected during my early teens, better known as the 70s. The collection is particularly strong on Beethoven...
George Gott2 years ago
Strange Music Genres You Need to Know
While musical genres like rap, rock, pop, hip hop, jazz, R&B and EDM have huge audiences and are known all over the world, there are many more interesting types of music that are worth discovering. So...
Riley Bates2 years ago
World's Weirdest Musical Instruments
Since the dawn of mankind, music has been a crucial part of our society, giving rise to a variety of music styles and customs - and also to some very strange instruments. The love of sublime melody ha...
Max Jones2 years ago
There Was No One Like Etta James
“Sometimes I feel like reaching down from the stage and grabbing people and slamming them against the wall with my voice. Ι want to make ‘em wake up and listen. I love those people." – Etta James
Beat Staff2 years ago
Beatlemania: You Had to Be There
The millions of Beatle fanatics across the world finally had their first official live LP by the Fab Four. This marked the first time that the average fan could play Beatlemania at his or her own conv...