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Without a Mother Land: a product of American slavery mocked in Africa for my light skin

America needs to pay it's reparations why I'm suing the government

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 9 months ago 4 min read
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Accra, Ghana October 2020: People claim that the West African nation is kinder to those with lighter skin. They lied because the kindness never spilled over to mine, dripping with daily insults from staring eyes.

Taunted every moment of the day, pointing, insults "Fat mommie, big momma, Obologo (fat in Twi), Get the fuck out of my country, I hate you people, white woman, white man"

Don't mind them! Every single Ghanian would say this, everyday every response. Not one of them had to live five minutes in my shoes. One Ghanian man said, "you should be flattered to be called white!"

After living everyday of my life in America, called a 'nigger' more times than I can count. Flattered to be called white, I am not, I'm not mixed race either or the disgusting term 'half caste', why would I be flatter? They say the same for being called fat too.

If an American called an African Black or names they'd be labeled a racist but in Africa you're told to be flattered.

On this land from that Cape Coast is where my ansestors cried for freedom, filled ships with their nakedness. Many died along the way, only to be chained, beaten and toiled in the fields for hundreds of years.

My cousin is dark, her and I are a complete contrast, her and her mother are like a white woman with an adopted daughter. Genetics just landed on our skin the way it wanted to, how were we supposed to change that?

Black girls growing up beat on my sister's flesh along with my drunken, worthless momma. Together they beat on her so much I thought she'd die some nights. My momma beat her in the face so much, once her eyes were swelled shut for days.

Only to grow up with Black girls mad at her for her light skin, red hair, you think you betta than us? You high yellow bitch! Kim had to fight almost everyday, then at night take the fists from my momma.

I hate America, no one protected us, I remember our principle Dr. Sexton from Henry H. Houston. He saw my sister's face, after being kept out of school for weeks until her face healed. He asked her what happened to it and she said the dumbest excuse. He didn't even care, he thought her beaten face fell off a bike and missed school for weeks.

Imagine going to Africa, they steal away your Blackness then call you crazy for saying you're not white. Deborah a waitress at East Legon, Accra Ghana, pointed her finger at my head saying, "You think you're Black but you aren't!"

A couple seated in a near by booth laugh, as the guy says, "she thinks she's Black!" They both turn and laugh, I surely thought this was a joke. This barely brown woman called me white, why?

Screenshot from a Ghana EXPAT Group from Ghanians calling me a liar for speaking about RACISM IN GHANA

When Africans immigrate to European countries or the US they call out racism all the time. No one ever doubts them or calls them failures for blaming racism or xenophobia. Yet not only are they calling me a liar but a failure, I also never worked in Ghana but they accused me of stealing their jobs and making more than them.

They claim they don't practice xenophobia in Ghana but they do and its loud & all over the place. Same for South Africa, they hate over the skin tones of others, colorism is just the same as racism.

The US government enslaved millions, stole our entire identity, then paid reparations to everyone else but the Black American. Telling us to go back to Africa, well I did and Africa wasn't welcoming. I write about the racism from the Black African and for my payment I'm insulted, threatened and called a failure.

Kenya then Ghana, no one even cares, the Black Americans that beat on my sister's flesh didn't care either. America stole everything from our bodies to our rights to live in peace, Africa wants nothing but our money. When we have none, they have nothing for us, America failed Blacks and has spent years trying to murder us.

Thanks for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey's House Gender Equality & Children's Rights as it tries to move international.

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I'm the president of a nonprofit. I've lived in 3 countries, I love to travel, take photos and help children and women around the world! One day I pray an end to Child Marriages, Rape and a start to equal Education for ALL children 🙏🏽

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