Why Donald Trump's Border Bill Insistence Has Gone This Far

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A Week in Review of Trump's Border Deal

Trump reviewing samples at our southern border. (Credit: The Globe Post)

This past Friday, President Donald Trump declared a national state of emergency surrounding the homeland security bill he wasn't quite happy with.

As he stated in his 2016 candidacy rallies, Donald Trump wants to build a $4.5 billion wall at the border with Mexico. Democrats and Republicans dug their feet in on both sides, insisting on edits to the border wall bill to be made in order to keep their immigration values alive.

Congress and house swiftly passed a bill, however, early in the second week of February, coming to a final agreement from both the liberal and conservative sides of Congress and the house. Donald Trump then stated, he anticipated to sign the bill, but find "landmines" in the bill, so that he could receive his nearly $5 billion project. When he didn't, he declared a national state of emergency.

Democrats scrambled to put together lawsuits, as republicans put together strong arguments against the prosecution of Trump. Threats began to brew in the White House and on Capitol Hill erupting this morning when 16 states filed a lawsuit against Trump's abuse of power in using a term that is not thrown around lightly, quoting his use of the words, "I didn't need to do this."

Being a national state of emergency, the thought of merely dismissing it as optional or voluntary is absurd. A few national emergencies are listed below:

  • 1979: James Carter, Iran Hostage Situation
  • 1994: William Clinton, Mass Destruction Weapon Misusage
  • 2001: George W. Bush, Effects of 9/11, Terrorism Threats
  • 2015: Barack Obama Chinese Malicious Cyber-Attacks

Quite different than the funding of a border wall. In fact, Statistics show that undocumented immigrants are much less likely to commit crimes than native-born American citizens. When asked about this, Trump dismissed the question asking the reporter for CNN, "Do you truly believe those statistics?"

In fact, those statistics were collected by the Department of Homeland Security, which Trump has control over, through Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Director of Homeland Security.

Clearly, Donald Trump's intent is not to keep the American people safe, but more to uphold an ambitious campaign promise that would restore his faith among many Republicans and voters alike.

According to Trump, back in 2016, Mexico was going to pay for the cost to construct this wall. That went well.

Let's put this in simpler terms. I'm building a fence between a neighbor for whom I do not hold a strong relationship with, I do not expect this neighbor to pay for me to construct this fence. Not only is it socially tacky, but it is also quite rude.

betrus noslien
betrus noslien
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