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Why do you care?

LGTBQIA+ have done nothing to you

By Hannah ElliottPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

I'm sorry but I can't keep quiet with this any longer. I just really want to know why do you care? Why does what anyone else do with their lives have any effect on you and your life? Why are you so unhappy with your life that you want to make everyone as miserable as you?

How are they grooming your children when they are just there and not really going after them? How is them exsiting hurting you? How are they trying to push their agenda when it is you who push the straight agenda? You don't see any shirts pushing the LGBT+ agenda but you do see future husband, future wife, womanizer shirts that the straight community are pushing on young children.

Why does teenagers being able to express how they really feel about themselves hurt you? Are you just upset that you did not have that chance? Are you targeting them because you do not like that they are able to live in their authentic skin when you are afraid to?

You say that Drag Queens are predators and are attacking children? But the real men doing this to children are hiding behind the white collar and the disguise of religion. The men yelling the loudest against the LGBT+ are the ones who should be getting yelled at.

Hiding behind the "protect our children" label is no longer acceptable. Just admit you do not like how the world is more accepting of a community that you have worked so hard to surpress. The sense of community that you have never and will never feel because you are so focused on being stuck in your ways.

You don't like the world changing from what you know because you feel like you shouldn't have to learn anything new. How hard is it to be respectful? To be understanding? You claim it's against your religion but you are forgetting your religion's golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If you cared so much about your religion, you would follow all it's rules. Do you wear 2 kinds of fabrics? Do you eat shrimp or lobster? Do you plant 2 kinds of crops beside each other? Do you cut your hair or trim your beard? Do you hide from the world when you have your period?

No. You pick and choose and twist the words of your religion to focus only on what you want it to say. And your response is how those teachings are outdated and don't apply to the now, but then that should hold true for all of the teachings.

What if this world decided to reverse the script and do to you what you do to them? Wouldn't it do justice to make you feel the same as them. To think they just take it and peacefully respond with respect to try to allow you to understand their ways. But you, so full of hate, will not allow for anything that is not your way.

You say they are being rude and crude that their entire space is not kid safe. But not all your spaces are kid safe either? There should be different levels of expression that cover everyone's taste level. You still have 18+ events so why should the LGBT+ be any different? Especially when you want them to be like you..

Why is the world changing so scary for you? Are you afraid to be left behind? Why do you care how someone wants to live their life as long as they are being respectful humans? Why do you want to go backwards? Is there something deep inside that you are still trying to hide? Does their freedom of expression hurt you inside because you could never be that free? Why else do you care about something that has nothing to do with you?


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