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Millennials Do Not Vote

by Hannah Elliott 3 years ago in voting
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And this needs to change

Many people complain why millennials don't vote. They think it is because we do not care about what happens, or that we are lazy, or simply don't believe in the system. All of this is somewhat true, but mainly because we do not think there is a point to voting when the same two parties always win, even though they are not the right choice.

The same two parties in both Canada and the US have been winning the race the entire time. Now both parties have had good leaders and bad leaders but lately it seems that there are more bad leaders out there than good. We get stuck between two leaders and neither would be the good fit in power, but the better leader is in a smaller party, but it's more likely not to happen because everyone thinks that it is a two-party system.

Now this smaller party, with a leader who makes sense in the system, is the one that we want to vote for. The problem is that we are drilled into this mindset so instead of "wasting" our vote for this smaller party, we just do not vote at all because it won't matter.

It is backwards thinking; it is something that should change, and hopefully these next elections will change. In Canada this year for this election, millennials are the largest party allowed to vote. Meaning that this election there is the potential for that smaller party to win, if millennials go out and vote. In the US, the election next year will have the same outline, with the millennials being the largest voting party.

With this, all it would take is about half of them to vote, and we could potentially see a major shift in the system. Meaning the potential of a major shift in the governing body. We could see the underdog, the smaller party with the chance to really make a difference. Maybe not even a huge difference by one that would be enough to see what someone else could do.

Everyone is so tired of the same results, especially millennials, then it is time for all of those voicing that opinion to make the needed change. It is time for millennials now, similar to what has been done with climate control, take it into their own hands, and do whatever is needed to make things right.

Millennials need to vote in order to see the change that they want, to allow the new progressive views that they have to shine forward. It is time for the older generation’s concerns to not be the focus, but for the younger generation who want more change, who want an easier time surviving in the economy to come forward and be allowed a chance to work.

The only way this works is if people actually go out and vote. The doing nothing part was in the past, and it did not work so well. It is time to act, like those who are wanting climate change to happen have acted. But there is no need for protests, the tool is right in front of us in the form of a voters card. It is time for us all to embrace the freedom we have in being able to choose our leader; to make a decision that will shake up the system, to allow for someone that we will not regret to take power and for the changes that we believe are needed to happen.

So this time, do not throw away a vote, use it and maybe just maybe we can finally see a change that we want in the government.


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