War. What is it Good for?

by Jenna Lynn 6 months ago in controversies

"Now I become Death, destroyer of Worlds."

War. What is it Good for?

" Now I become Death, destroyer of Worlds."

That's a quote by the late Robert Oppenheimer. He was a theoretical physicist who lead the Manhattan Project, the program that developed the first nuclear weapon during World War II. He was nicknamed "the father of the atomic bomb." After he created it, he was later blacklisted for opposing it. He called for international controls on nuclear weapons. Even Oppenheimer knew that nuclear weapons could destroy us all if they were in the wrong hands. Who's to say which hands are right to even have them to begin with?

I'm not a pacifistic by any means. I support gun ownership. I support the military. I love my country, I bleed red white and blue. I bleed Freedom.

What I don't support is our beautiful country, our beautiful citizens being stuck in a perpetual state of war . Since I was a kid, America has been at war with one country or another . I thought for sure by the time I was 30, that we'd be done with that . It seems that we will be stuck in a state of war for the rest of my life at the rate we are going.

It's sad to say that America is no longer the great country it once was. Our citizens can hardly afford to buy a house, much less health insurance for themselves and their family. Our country is in debt up to its eyeballs, with no sign of it slowing down, much less decreasing any time soon. Our debt is so large that it's not ridiculous to say that it will be still ever present for generations to come and perhaps even worse than it is now.

War does nothing. Countless innocent lives are lost during times of war. It's all so unnecessary. The leaders who push us into wars will never see the front lines. They will never have to bury their wife, their husband, their children because of war. They will never feel unsafe. They have armed guards surrounding them 24/7 at all times. They have places to go if they decide to drop bombs, meanwhile us normal folk are stuck scrambling and praying for peace.

They will never truly feel the anger and pain so many families do . They won't understand the pain of losing a loved one in such a senseless acts.

War has been a part of human history since the beginning of time. Wars were much more violent in past centuries compared to now, that is true. One might think that with all the technology and knowledge that we have now, we'd be better at avoiding conflict with one another, we'd be more peaceful. Unfortunately more often than not, ego and pride get in the way. World leaders become pompous and dictator-like with how they start doing things. It becomes a pissing match against other nations. Everyone wants to be the top dog.

War is nothing more than a battle of the egos. Men with child-like personalities fighting with their toys, aka their citizens, with little regard for the destruction they will cause. We are nothing more than pawn pieces in their game of chest.

It's election year here in the US as well. Something that I've noticed throughout the years, is how every election year, the current president pushes us to go to war with whatever country for whatever reason. In the game of politics, this is a strategy they use to try to ensure they win the upcoming election.

There are better ways at resolving conflict than mass chaos and destruction like that of War. We must do better as humans. If not for us, for future generations. We owe it to them. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our grandchildren . Our children and our grandchildren do not deserve to grow up in a war ravaged Earth. We can do better. We must do better.

Jenna Lynn
Jenna Lynn
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