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Vivek Told: "Stop Doing Eminem Raps.

Ramaswamy Mirrors Trump.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Vivek Told: "Stop Doing Eminem Raps.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The US is gearing up for another Presidential Election. As well as Donald Trump there are Doug Burgum, Chris Christie, Ron De Santis, Asa Hutchinson, Mike Pence and, Vivek Ramasamy. Donald Trump is still marginally in the lead and the firm favourite to be the candidate to face Joe Biden. Trump is facing 90 charges and there is a very real possibility the next President, could be governing the US, from behind bars. Yes, folks, it could actually happen, Trump governing the US, from a prison cell. But there is a way to go yet. Besides Trump, Ron De Dantis is a favourite. As is, Vivek Ramaswamy.

In the recent debate between Republican candidates, all eyes were on De Santis and Ramaswamy. Both these candidates are Trumpists, but there is a difference. De Santis was a friend of Trump but now is an adversary. Ramasamy likes Trump but says he is the natural heir to Trump. A poll after the debate showed Ramaswamy edged out the Florida Governor, De Santis, by 1 point. Ramaswamy was asked if he would be prepared to be Trump's running mate. Ramaswamy said he wants to be the Republican candidate to take on Biden. He wants to be President, not a running mate. He respects 'the orange one' but feels at 38, he has more energy and hunger for the top job. If he became President, Ramasamy, would take on Trump, as a mentor. If found guilty of the 90 charges, Ramaswamy would pardon Donald Trump. Trump has not appeared at any Republican candidate debate yet. Which shows how much he believes he has the candidacy in the bag.

Ramaswamy, mirrors Trump, in that both men were not formerly politicians. Both men come from a private business background. Both men are extremely well off. Ramaswamy said if elected, he would carry on where Trump left off. Ramaswamy said he would go harder and faster with policies started by Trump. The main difference between Trump and Ramaswamy, is the age gap, with Trump being 77 and Ramaswamy being 38. Both men come from immigrant backgrounds, Trump's ancestors were German and Ramaswamy is of Indian origin.

Ramaswamy, Trump, and De Santis are all anti-woke. Maybe, female candidate Nikki Haley could be said to be in that camp too. It's possible she could be given a job under any of these candidates. If Haley, does not, get to be the Republican candidate to defeat Biden and become 'POTUS'. She could be compared to right-wing Tories Suella Braverman or Priti Patel.

Marshall Mathers III, more popularly known as, Eminem, is not happy with Ramaswamy right now. Ramaswamy has been rapping his way through Eminem's music in front of gatherings. Marshall Mathers sent a letter to Ramaswamy's team telling him to "cease and desist" from rapping. Marshall also revoked Ramaswamy's licence to play his music. A spokesperson for Ramaswamy said, "They'll have to leave the rapping to Slim Shady".

Trump was using Aerosmith music the first time he ran for President. Aerosmith, like Eminem now, told Trump and his team to stop playing their music at his rallies. So there is another similarity between Trump and the young pretender Ramaswamy.

If Trump does become the candidate to take on Biden you will have two elderly men meeting for Round 2. Both represent two very different aspects of politics. Both men will attack each other from the get-go. There is bad blood between both men. It will be a nasty campaign from both men and their team. However, both men have been accused of corruption. Will Trump go after Biden the way Biden has gone after Trump?

Certainly, the outside world would rather have Biden in the White House. Trump's links to Putin and other unsavoury characters are not liked by other countries.

ese candidates. If Haley is not Pressident herself.



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