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French Not Doing Enough!

French Channel Interceptions Down.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
French Not Doing Enough!
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When Rishi Sunak met Emmanual Macron in 2021 the UK pledged 48 million Pounds to help the French. To help intercept migrant boats crossing the Channel. Some wondered if Macron had gotten Sunak by the old proverbials. It looked like the UK was giving the French money for nothing and maybe we did. With French interceptions of migrants down to 42% from around 45% one wonders if are they having a laugh at our expense.

One Tory MP John Gulis has told Suella Braverman and Robert Jenrick to work side by side. To stand up to the French and say their drop in interceptions isn't good enough. If the French don't listen then we should be taking the migrants back to France ourselves. Adding: "If the French don't like it tough"!

However, the French according to their sources have been stretched with internal descent going on. Apparently, their forces have been stretched in dealing with riots. Riots took place all over France after the shooting of a young boy illegally driving a car. French forces struggled to contain the riots mainly by ethnic French Arabs. Some thought France was near civil war conditions as Native French took to the streets vowing to confront the Arab rioters. So are the French using this as an excuse, as to why interceptions, in the channel, have fallen from their side?

Also according to French sources, migrant crossings in the channel have fallen to 18%. So according to the French then they are doing their job in tackling crossings and dealing with criminals who exploit migrants. So who do we believe? The British or the French? As a Briton, of course, I'm going to say my side. The fact we gave the French so much money is what gets me though. Why are we giving the French so much money for over 3 years? It's not like the French are a third-world nation that needs uniforms, training and equipment. They are up there with the richest European nations. Would the French send us Euros if migrants were crossing the channel the other way?

One does wonder that day when Macron met Sunak who was the stronger of the two? When one looks at the pictures of the two leaders Macron looks like the senior in the room. Sunak comes over as squirmy and pliable looking as if Macron manipulated him that day. I am ashamed to say that this pathetic little, Mr. Bean-like man, is our Prime Minister. Not because he is of Indian descent or a Hindu, but because this nerd is our Prime Minister. It's embarrassing on the world stage. Nevertheless, at next year's general election, we may not have to put him with him for much longer.

So many times I have said it you have to have compassion for migrants. Many of them fleeing wars, persecution, famines and other disasters. Let's face it, people continually crossing the channel is a problem for us. So far, the government has lurched from one position to another. The Rwanda plan has never got off the ground. Many thought it was a good idea. With others thinking it was wrong and immoral. Now we have a barge to house migrants while they are being processed. But then even that didn't work. With fears of Legionnaires disease breaking out 500 migrants were evacuated. To return to the hotels they had come from.

So Labour, should they win the next general election, will be faced with the same problem. Illegal migration will be one of the hot issues in next year's election. It will also be one reason to vote for a political party.


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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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