Unmasking the Trickster

by Mireya Bailey 7 days ago in opinion

The Weaponization of Language

Unmasking the Trickster

Have you noticed how language is being weaponized and used against us!? Well I thought I’d just reframe a few of these words to more accurately reflect their true meanings...

Fact killers

Stay home; stay stupid


Social stupidity


Compulsory vaccination ID (Covid)

World Hell Organization

New World Disorder

Flatten the economy

Centre for Disease Creation

2nd wave (of Fascism)



5Gee this looks like surveillance 🧐

Federal Bureau of failing to Investigate

Controlled News Network (CNN)

Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

New Un-normal

United League of controlled Nations


Federal Rosthchild Reserve

World Bank(ster)

(killing the) Amazon

It’s hard to fight back against propaganda when words themselves have been taken hostage. We need to RECLAIM language and start calling things what they REALLY are. It’s not a pandemic it’s a PLANdemic. It’s not “stay home; stay safe” it’s “stay home; stay stupid” (over 60% of new Covid cases are from people who are not leaving their homes - restricting yourself to your house actually weakens your immune system and makes you MORE susceptible to the dis-ease. source: https://youtu.be/FuAh6iuWTls ). It’s not a “fact-checker” it’s a fact killer. (Facebook and Google both hired fact-killer to suppress the truth. Guess who fact-killer’s biggest donor is?? Yup you guessed it; BILL GATES. Fact-killer is just a front for Big Pharma. (Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAQ3300nWXV/?igshid=ok9cotcea4up)

This is a war over public perception. There is a force trying to deceive, to frighten, to coerce and manipulate. And there is a force trying to uncover, reveal, expose, and bring to light. There are a lot of people in the middle, not yet completely sure what to believe. For their sakes and our own we need to start reclaiming this stolen language and actively using it and imagery and symbolism - (the very things that are being used against us!) to keep EXPOSING these agendas, SHOWING the inconsistencies, BRINGING LIGHT to the censorship, and SHARING the truth. We are making a HUGE difference, even with all the attempts to discredit us. If we get a little more intentional with how we use language I think we can have an even bigger impact. 💥💥💥

💕 Thanks so much for listening 🙏🏽

Oh. And P.S.

If you are someone who likes to wear a mask, socially distance, etc please don’t interpret this post as some kind of judgment against you. I think ya’ll look super cute in your masks! I feel this inner compulsion to expose what is going on but at the same time I respect everyone’s right to decide what’s best for them. I’m actually SUPER glad all this is happening and feel great gratitude for the masterminds of this PLANdemic. This is such an amazing opportunity for us all to evolve and I see so much good coming out of it. I feel strongly that this whole situation was co-created by Mother Earth and the Satanic Network (at the deepest levels we’re all friends and helping each other!!) in order to heal us and help us all evolve and bring the gorgeous Spring of planetary awakening. I realize that we are all one being experiencing life through different points of attention and cooperatively co-creating this journey we call life. So for all of my posts calling out The Trickster I know that he lives inside me too and is just as integral and important a part of The Story of Life as every other archetype!

I sincerely thank Fauci and Gates on an almost daily basis and I actually feel an insane amount of gratitude towards them. In a weird way it kind-of feels like they’re saving my life. Before the PLANdemic I think we can all agree that humanity was on a crash-course with disaster. Now the oceans are healing, the sky is healing, people are going through their own private vippassanas and waking up, families are spending more time together, children are getting a break from being brainwashed at school, countries like Madagascar are sharing amazing remedies with the rest of the world, scientists are teaching us so much about the immune system and health, artists are giving us free concerts from their living rooms, we’re coming to appreciate “essential workers” etc so much more, and for once humanity is all united around the world! I truly think this is an amazing thing to have happened and I REALLY DON’T WANT to go back to normal. Normal was suicide. Normal was disaster. We HAVE TO do better.

I know it’s strange because I post all these things that say “wake up! This isn’t right!” And I have a reason for posting them; but at the same time I know that everything is perfect. It’s kindof like holding two paradoxical but true realities at the same time. There is an inner compulsion inside me to expose the agendas of power and shadow governments that have been running the show for millennia, and at the same time I understand that at a deeper level of reality those powers are my friends and actually helping me. In fact I actually am them and they are me!!! This is how I always see the world but I don’t always share it.

So no matter what you are doing during this PLANdemic or ever; wearing a cute mask or not wearing one, social distancing or hugging everyone you meet, exposing the dark agendas or obscuring them, believing this is a pandemic or a false flag Psyop, honestly I think you’re awesome. We all have our own unique roles the play in this great movie we call LIFE, and each one is equally important. All colours are necessary for the weaving; all voices are necessary for the song. Whatever it is may you play your part well. 🎶👏😘💕



I am trying to unbraid

The thick white tangle

Of telemedia wires

Wrapped around the wrists

Of language

I am trying to reach

Through the murky

Membrane of the matrix

To find all the symbols

Taken hostage and used

Against us.

What are these wyrds

These wards

Of containment?

Phrases used as spells

Designed to

Mislead us

Repeated and

Repeated and

Repeated and


Until “danger” means

“Safety” and “hero”

Means “compliant”

And language is a weapon

Used to handcuff the defiant...

Use your pen like a sword

To break the chains

Of deception

Scratch at the wallpaper

Of this worded perception

Pierce the veil again and

Again till it splinters

Disassemble the phrases

Used to silence the


Cut through the matrix

Of fear and confusion

Slash at the slogans

Weaving webs of illusion

Un-spell the sentences

Used to keep us dreaming;

Restore reLOVEution

To its original meaning ❤️

Mireya Bailey
Mireya Bailey
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