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UK May Suspend Arms Sales to Israel.

Bombed Convoy.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Benjamin Netanyahu quickly took the airwaves saying the IDF had struck a 'World Central Kitchen' convoy by mistake. Netanyahu expressed his grief over "innocent people" and that the strike was "unintentional". Spokesman for the IDF Daniel Hagari also repeated the same words. However, how sincere Netanyahu and Hagarai are remains known only to them.

7 people were killed in a strike by IDF forces taking out this convoy. The convoy belonged to 'World Central Kitchen' a charity organisation. The convoy was going to collect food for starving Gazans from a warehouse. World Central Kitchen announced it had told the IDF what it was doing. So, as far as the charity was concerned, the convoy had the blessing of the IDF. The Convoy was marked from the air so why did the IDF strike it?

Was the strike a cynical attack on the convoy? Many accuse Israel of using starvation as a weapon against the civilian population in Gaza. Taking out this aid convoy would be a subtle signal to aid agencies not to deliver food to the needy. Of course, officially the Netanyahu regime would never admit this.

Out of the 7 charity workers killed, one was Polish, one was Australian, and the other 3 British. Rishi Sunak in a conversation with Benjamin Netanyahu told him this situation is becoming "increasingly intolerable". Alistair Burt speaking to Radio 4's 'Today' current affairs programme said "It is increasingly likely the UK would suspend arms sales to Israel". The Foreign Office meanwhile said it was looking into the situation.

Peter Rickets a former advisor to Foreign Minister David Cameron said events had reached a point where to stop/suspend selling arms to Israel would be correct. Canada has already done so. The UK should stop selling arms while this conflict (more like a massacre) is ongoing. Israel has broken every rule in the book in this war, not just in Gaza, but in Lebanon and Syria. I

t is about time the Allies of Israel told the Jewish state straight. Something along the lines of "We understand your hurt. When you lost 1,300 citizens by Hamas and the subsequent capture of 200 Israelis (of which approximately 130 remain prisoners in Gaza). You had the right to defend yourself, however, your actions have gone far and above self-defence. You have killed 32,000 innocent civilians with God knows how many more under the rubble. You have hit hospitals, centres of education, refugee camps, charity workers, journalists, churches, mosques. Enough is enough, we will from now on, be stopping/suspending arms sales to you. How much longer can this war go on? You have not defeated Hamas or brought hostages home after 6 months". When you will say enough of this"?

If this were any other nation there would be sanctions as there is on Russia for its aggression towards Ukraine. Israel has been allowed to get away literally 'murder'. Now is the time to bring the country to heal. The most powerful nation on the planet the USA has the leverage to bring the Israeli war machine to a halt. Just ban the weapons they are using to bomb Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria. Let's see how far Israel would get without Western- supplied weapons. The Jewish state has a right to exist but so does Palestine. Israel right now is ruled by Jewish Nazis, as much as that may sound mismatched, it is a fact. Members of Netanyahu's coalition have admitted to being fascists and with the genocidal policies to boot. Hamas are not exactly nice either, but many Palestinians see these fighters resisting the Israeli onslaught and openly support them even if they didn't before.

Now that Israel has bombed an Iranian consulate in Syria who knows what will happen now as the Ayatollah has threatened tp hit back.


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Nicholas Bishop

I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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