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J K Rowling: "Come Arrest Me"!

Harry Potter Author Challenges Scottish Police.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 14 days ago 3 min read
J K Rowling.

Harry Potter Author J K Rowling has challenged Police Scotland to arrest her. Rowling's comments about transgender people would likely be charged with incitement under new hate laws. Scottish First Minister Humza Yufaf said He is "Proud" of these laws that will protect those against a "rising tide" of hate. The law protects certain communities, however, the law has been criticised for not protecting women and girls. One of those groups is the trans community which J K Rowling attacked in a Tweet (or an X). Many trans athletes have been participating in women's sports and winning saying they are women. Yet, they still had a man's testosterone and the strength to boot, as well as sexual attacks on women and girls by transgender men. J K Rowling believes a man is a man and a woman is a woman. Whether the LGBTQ community likes it or not, that is just a biological fact.

A Minister in Humza's cabinet Siobhan Brown said Rowling could be investigated for her comments under the new hate law. Hence, Ms. Rowling challenged the Scottish Police to come and arrest her saying "I'm currently out of the country but if what I have written here is an offence under the terms of the new act, I look forward to being arrested when I return to the birthplace of the Scottish Enlightenment".

A group of protesters appeared outside of Holyrood (the seat of the devolved Scottish administration) challenging the new law. The protestors were from all backgrounds and all age groups. Many said this law would cause nothing but trouble. Many think that instead of unifying different communities, it will further divide them.

While the law may and will protect groups such as Christians it also has sinister elements. People are being encouraged to report people even if there was no bad intent. These people could face 7 years in prison. Some people hate certain groups. There will be others who may make flippant or throwaway comments meaning no harm. However, how can you tell the difference? How do you know what their intention was when saying or doing something? If they have a track record of hate against a community - fair enough. But if someone expresses something when hate was not their intention that's the danger. Places like Nazi Germany encouraged people to spy on and report their neighbours for views that were not popular. The Societ Union did, North Korea does, China does, Iran does, Russia does, etc. So, while this new law might be well-intentioned there are inherent dangers with it. In the examples, I have given above. Not that Humza Yusaf is a dictator unless you take the view of Anne Widdecombe.

Police Scotland Chief Constable Jo Farrell said the law would be enacted in a "measured way". However, can Police Scotland cope with all the reports of hate coming in? Do they have the staff to cope? How many convictions will this new law bring? How many will be found innocent? How many will be proven to have broken the new law? Yusaf for many opposing the law will be seen as a Dictator and Police Scotland as the new Gestapo. Ironic really, because the SNP (Scottish National Party) was influenced by fascism in the beginning. Some might accuse it today of racism towards English people, not everyone, but the extremer parts of the party.

Rishi Sunak lept to Rowling's defence (either genuinely or for political reasons) backing her right to express her views. Sunak said free speech is safe with the Tories. For Labour, the Minister for The Duchy of Lancaster Pat McFadden said J K Rowling was free to express her views.

Some will accuse Yusaf of being a hypocrite. Yusaf a while ago said a man who said he was a woman shouldn't be in a women's prison. Also, he let out a tirade about every person in a top job in Scotland was white. Yusaf Himself could end up being a victim of his law. If someone were to report him to the police for these statements it would be ironic.


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  • ROCK 14 days ago

    I respect freedom of speech. As a ROCK with solid values, I spout my TRUTH all the time. I think Rowling is lucky in her riches and poor in her morale. I do not like who she seems to be.

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