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U.S. military: "Snooping" we are professional Iranian Revolutionary Guards: confiscate the tools of crime

by Fei Fei 7 days ago in controversies
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U.S. Army Confiscated Tools of the Trade

Late last month, the U.S. military reported a standoff with Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, claiming that Revolutionary Guard naval vessels were attempting to retrieve a U.S. Explorer high-tech unmanned sailboat; the U.S. military then responded immediately, relying on "professionalism and capability" to stop Iran's "illegal activity."

Iran accused the U.S. military of threatening the safety of the Persian Gulf route with its unmanned vessels and warned the U.S. military to behave better; the Iranian military also said that the U.S. military was using a "Hollywood narrative" to cover up its failures; to remind the U.S. side not to take its warnings for granted, Iran recently took action again.

According to a recent video released by Iranian state television, Iranian naval personnel on a warship briefly detained several U.S. Explorer drones and then pushed them overboard. The U.S. Naval Association website mentions that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps frigate Jamaland seized two Explorers in Red Sea waters on the grounds of "navigational security" after The U.S. destroyer came to intercede before returning them.

The U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet then stated that the unmanned sailboats had been retrieved by Iranian Navy vessels "while collecting imagery near international waters"; the USS Nitze and USS Delbert Black "The destroyers USS Nitze and USS Delbert Black responded immediately; the U.S. destroyers engaged the Iranian Navy at the scene to de-escalate the situation. Fifth Fleet Commander Brad Cooper accused the Iranian Navy of acting "in an unwarranted and provocative manner that is inconsistent with the conduct of a professional maritime force.

First of all, we have to say that the Explorer's salvage is a testament to the "technical superiority" of the U.S. military's development of unmanned ships. Intercepted, these soldiers held their heads and kneeled to surrender the picture, so that the U.S. military disgrace, this scene has also become the U.S. military can never get rid of one of the "black history", now there is an unmanned boat will not happen again similar humiliating scenes, after all, that thing is just "no feelings of the peeping machine ".

The second thing we have to say is that in the United States you have the nerve to say that people are "groundless provocation". From the black history of the U.S. Navy, such gadgets to other people's homes to do some sneaky things, that is commonplace; let alone the Iranian fishing this time two unmanned boats, just say that over the years the Chinese coastal fishermen caught how many "unknown nationality" submersible, how many of them are American drop, Washington itself The number of "unidentified" submersibles caught by Chinese coastal fishermen over the years, and how many of them were dropped by Americans, Washington itself knows.

But anyone who has been to sea knows that even in the sea to find a huge ship is like a needle in a haystack, not to mention only a few meters long, a few dozen kilograms of objects, but Chinese fishermen continue to find one after another, which also means that the entire Chinese peripheral waters, there are a surprising number of "unknown" submarines are lurking.

I know that the United States has a lot of money, but it is not good to use it to fight the new crown, the monkeypox epidemic. But it is used to peek into other people's backyards. This "demented" fetish of Washington needs to be changed!

This is also the case in the Persian Gulf right now. The "Explorer" unmanned sailboat is about 7 meters long and 5 meters high, powered by solar and wind energy, and can continue to operate for more than a year. The U.S. Navy has said that "the unique geography, climate and strategic importance of the Middle East" provide the "perfect environment" for unmanned technology, and since January this year, the U.S. military has been conducting various tests in the Persian Gulf, and this time the U.S. military has not even hidden that this unmanned sailboat This time, the U.S. military did not even hide the fact that the mission of this unmanned sailboat is to take images of the waters around the Persian Gulf. Some careful users have noticed that the hull of the Explorer was originally equipped with communication and observation equipment, which has been removed in the video released by Iran, and the Iranian military is aware of the function of these devices.

Outside their own homes, constantly being watched with cameras, which are very uncomfortable things, so the Iranian Revolutionary Guards confiscated the "tools of the crime" is also reasonable.

On the contrary, the United States accused Iran of "provocation, unprofessional", come on, you are at the doorstep of others, and the "tools of crime" confiscated immediately can be heard, and even the most obtuse people know who is provoking who; since doing bad things, we must be ready to be beaten by the host family with a The psychological preparation of the master with a stick to beat!


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