Trump's Nazi Problem

Won't Condemn White Supremacists

Trump's Nazi Problem

Another day, another Trump Nazi think piece. One would think that I enjoy writing these, but I don't. Truly I would rather go back to living in my bubble and pretend that this reality star was still terrorizing us for entertainment value and not as leader of the Free World. Seriously Republicans, what does he have to do before you get off your asses and start putting country over party? Will it take him attempting a coup of our country before you do anything? Coming out and saying he should have said something is not going far enough. There have to be consequences to actions, but so far you have empowered him for his bad behavior. Take, for example, the fact that it took him 48 hours, two whole days, to condemn white supremacist Nazis down South for their actions. 48 freaking hours. If that had been President Obama, you would have been starting impeachment hearings before the violence began. This is not the first time that Trump has refused to rebuke white supremacist/hate groups, though.

The first time was when David Duke endorsed him for President. And he said that he didn't know who that was. What's worse than his flagrant lies is the fact that Republican leaders turned a blind eye from it. That alone should have disqualified him from getting the nomination, but no nothing happened. Why? Maybe there's a reason, maybe there's a good excuse but we'll never hear it. Because the party is more or less unified around this toxic person right now. Sure, his healthcare plan failed but it only failed by one vote (three Republicans split with their party).

It is not enough to publicly speak out against him if privately you are still helping move his racist, homophobic, transphobic, and sexist agenda forward. If there is a true disagreement with him not condemning these Nazis that are terrorizing the country, why not look closer at his Muslim ban for instance. He has no problem calling people from the Middle East terrorists. Even those that are seeking refuge from a hostile regime. Yet these white people who are committing murder on our territory are given a free pass. Sorry Trumpster, you are now just as bad as they are. Period. There is no argument for him not being as responsible as they are. He may not have committed the acts but his nonchalance towards it encourages these people to keep it up.

A friend asked on his Facebook yesterday if Trump was a white supremacist sympathizer. My answer was, "No, Trump is a white supremacist." Think of the way that he started his campaign, saying that Mexican immigrants were drug dealers and rapists. Completely ignoring that a judge gave only a three-month sentence to a white boy because he was "just having fun." WTF? I so wish I could swear in these articles but it's not professional. So Trump can see the color of someone and term them "terrorist" or "rapist" unless that person happens to be a white male. Then he doesn't have enough information. Sounds like a white supremacist to me.

For a fleeting moment, when he took the stage on Election Night, I hoped that my worst fears about him winning were exaggerated. Turns out that I along with 75 million other Americans who voted against him were right to be worried. This white supremacist asshole now controls our government and the Republican Congress won't stop him. Obama gave him a utopia and he has turned it into a racist, misogynistic dystopia. Now we need to fight back by electing those that will protect us, elevate those that will let them know hate has no place in this country.

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