Edward Anderson

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Trump Wants a New Storyline
7 days ago
"This Mueller investigation is so boring!" Trump complained loudly one night at the White House, forgetting that he was on the phone with bestie, Sean Hannity. Indeed, the Mueller storyline has been p...
Eat This and That!
9 days ago
"I've never had to pretend to be having sex with somebody. I'm like the queen of the foreplay dissolve," Julia Roberts once said. The Pretty Woman was talking about her onscreen persona (at least we h...
Realistic Takeaways from the Midterm Elections
9 days ago
There was a breathless anticipation going into the Midterm Elections this year. It was a reality show that every network carried, and the pundits became the stars who's words were hung onto as if it w...
Megyn Kelly Not Elected
10 days ago
"This is about Megyn Kelly and her spectacular implosion. She went from hottest newsagent around to being too toxic to be on air for any network." That fabulous quote is from The Kelly Collapse (out n...
What Sex Dreams May Come
11 days ago
He pushed me against the wall; my shirt lifted so high that it was practically off. His mouth was around my nipple, sucking. The bouncer came over to us, and instead of kicking us out, he pulled out h...
Missing Father Found Buried in Basement
14 days ago
"He went out for cigarettes." It's a tried-and-true plot device many shows have used to address an absentee father (or in some cases mother). For one family though, it turned out to be a case of art i...