Edward Anderson

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The Double Life of David Meza
4 days ago
Most porn stars live a double life. They have an identity or name used for on-camera work, and another one for their 'real' life. For instance, Stormy Daniels is the porn star that is a thorn in Donal...
Feelings Trump Death
4 days ago
In the planning stages, this was going to be a satirical article about Donald Trump and how Senator John McCain hurt his feelings. Yet, during the course of research, it became evident that the premis...
Anxiety Confession
4 days ago
When I started writing professionally, one of the things that was drummed into my head was nobody wanted to hear my thoughts or struggles. All these years later, times have changed. People want to hea...
The Devil Is in the Fine Print
4 days ago
Always read the fine print. It's common sense advice from people who have been burned by not adhering to the advice they now espouse. One man, Dmitry Agarkov, decided he was sick of the restrictive li...
How Do I Know?
10 days ago
Subtlety is not something that I am familiar with. In every area of my life, bluntness is the name of the game. No one has time for the silly games of "well, maybe, kind of..." etc. Yet twice in the l...
Should Gay Celebs Come Out?
10 days ago
"Yep, I'm Gay!" Time's cover story on Ellen Degeneres set in motion a new movement of celebs coming out. And at that moment in time, it was much needed. Gay visibility was so low that even fog lights ...