Edward Anderson

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Comeback Needs to Be Retired
2 months ago
"This is for the best, my reputation has never been worse..." Taylor Swift croons on her hit single "Delicate." This is not a true statement, much like Mickey Mouse, Swift seems immune to any kind of ...
What 'BH90210' Should Look Like
2 months ago
Have you heard? Tori Spelling got an acting job! The Powers That Be are once again rebooting beloved 90s teen soap, Beverly Hills, 90210 as a mockumentary (think Curb Your Enthusiasm). The cast of the...
Not So Professional Picture
2 months ago
There are many things I am good at; writing, social media, and things that are best not discussed in this essay. However, there are some things that I lack enough knowledge about to call myself good o...
Why Republicans Should Love Mayor Pete
2 months ago
Pete Buttigieg is surging in the polls, recently beating such heavyweight names as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Cory Booker, he also came within spitting distance of Senator Bernie Sanders. In...
Straight Guys: Gay Sex Edition
2 months ago
"Dude, it's not gay if it's on camera. Then it's only porn," A man was overheard saying on the streets of Manhattan. For most cities, this would be one of the weirdest and most controversial statement...
The Fun of Role Playing
2 months ago
When people want to "spice up" their relationship, one of the things they always seem to do is look for another person. Whether they want a threesome, or decide that having sex with partners other tha...