Trump Derangement Syndrome

by J. P. Frattini about a year ago in trump

Need I say more?

Trump Derangement Syndrome

So apparently, the President has just become Dr. Trump because he's diagnosing the media and all of his critics with "Trump Derangement Syndrome." The symptoms as I can best describe them would be something like this:

  1. Criticism of the administration
  2. Not addressing Democrat-leaning newscasters as "Fake News"
  3. Not thinking of him as the greatest President ever

Now, there is only one thing I hate more than the Donald, and that's finding it somewhat necessary to defend him. It is true that sometimes, just sometimes, the media isn't totally fair to him. There are times where he did do something that wasn't terrible, maybe even slightly beneficial, but it was painted in a negative light. I can't stand the guy, but I'll be the first to admit that sometimes that's the case.

However, he can't get through his skull that most of the criticisms made about him and his administration are fair and reputable criticisms. So therefore, we all have Trump Derangement Syndrome. I don't really care though, I'll wear that stamp on my forehead.

Here are some of the points he is going on about with this whole ordeal:

1. The media's coverage is "very unpatriotic."

Okay, there's one thing I hate more than defending Trump, and that's needing to explicitly defend the media.

First off, his administration banned CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from attending a White House event (that was "open to the press") after she asked questions about his previous relationship with Michael Cohen. The White House though still asserts that it supports "free press."

Silencing the free press is unpatriotic, not criticizing a faulty system.

2. The media has become an "enemy of the people."

Looks like I have to defend the media again.

I agree that the present media is corrupt, bias, and bought out. Unlike Trump though, I believe it's both sides of the political spectrum. But the media is far from the enemy of the people. Is it a problem? Yes. Is it as big a problem as a 21 trillion dollar deficit or the subsidies to the large pharmaceutical companies that are responsible for thousands of deaths every year? No. Get it together Trump, if you want to strike down the big issues, take care of what's truly harming the American people, and not something that they choose to watch when they drink their morning cup of coffee.

3. The country has made great progress under his presidency, but the media won't admit it.

A lot of this progress that he's referring too is actually coming from years of steady changes that occur naturally in economics and society. For example, the unemployment rate. Is it true that the current rate of 4.4 percent is one of the lowest we've seen in a long time? It is, and it should be celebrated. But is it because of Trump's presidency? Not necessarily. The unemployment rate hit another low of 4.6 percent in December of 2016 while Obama was still in office. It then climbed back to 4.8 percent in January, then 4.7 percent in February. What does this mean? The unemployment rate fluctuates but has been steadily lowering since 2010. When the economy springs back from a recession, so do the jobs. Even though Trump has created jobs since he was sworn into office, it's not enough to credit him entirely with the falling unemployment rate.

But sadly, there's a statistic that partially proves that things aren't progressing: attacks and arrests on journalists are at a disturbing high. Granted, this is for more reasons than just Trump. Violent left-wing rallies attack journalists just like violent right-wing ones do. But a lot of the attacks have stemmed from Trump's declaration of war to "Fake News."

Yes Donald, a lot of people now have jobs. But almost 80 journalists in this past year alone were arrested or attacked, one of them even being a Congressman body-slamming a journalist. This is an attack on the First Amendment, and maintaining the Constitution should be of much more importance.

How does it work?
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