Trump backs candidate who is openly against Muslims and Islam

by Cheryl E Preston about a month ago in politicians

Republican Laura Loomer is proud to be Islamophobe and says that the Islamic faith is a cancer.

Trump backs candidate who is openly against Muslims and Islam
Far left candidate Laura Loomer

America is a melting pot and we all should respect those who are different and with whose views we do not agree. Those who hold public office should be fair to all American citizens they have sworn to represent. Unfortunately, a lot of hate and vitriol has been coming down from the president since he first ran for office and it has negatively affected those in his party. A growing number of Republicans have been openly expressing racist views. The latest is far right candidate Laura Loomer who has said publicly that she is a proud "Islamophobe." Loomer, 27 who says Islam is a cancer recently won the GOP primary for Florida's 21st precinct.

Muslim Americans are alarmed and outraged not just about the intolerance being expressed by Loomer but also by the fact that President Trump is openly supporting her. Increasing numbers of Muslims are now saying what many African Americans have been pointing out since 2016. The Republican party seems out of touch with mainstream America and is embracing racism and bigotry. Donald Trump has set the precedent and rather than stand united against him some members of the GOP are themselves are letting everyone know that they agree with Donald Trump.

Robert McCaw, the director of government affairs for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, admitted to Newsweek that the following is true: "While CAIR does not comment on individual candidates or campaigns, anti-Muslim bigotry has become as much of a problem in Congress as it is in the White House." This should shock those in Congress and the Senate to examine themselves, rather than fall in line with the ugly things Donald Trump is saying and doing.

In an email, McCaw said :"We have moved long past dog whistles; anti-Muslim bigotry is now being mainstreamed into the DNA of conservative politics." He added that should our elected officials continue ignoring the problem and failing to address it, this might endanger their ability to serve in states where Muslim Americans are developing civically engaged, vibrant communities in this nation. Wajahat Ali, a lawyer and writer who contributes to The New York Times' opinion section spoke out against Loomer's win and the fact that the president is supporting her.

Ali also said that the Republican Party now belongs to fringe extremists & nuts. He points out that Loomer's rhetoric is so disturbing that she was banned from Twitter. Once again, the president of the United States is going out of his way to appeal to those on the far left. He is not ashamed and does not attempt to hide his agenda. Donald Trump believes there are more racist whites in America than there are those who are open to diversity. He believes that by catering to those who belong to or sympathize with the KKK or White Supremacist ideas that he will win the November election. Obviously a majority of Republicans believe as he does because stories keep coming forth regarding racist comments from the left.

Americans need to vote racism out of the Oval Office in November. Donald Trump needs to lose by such a landslide that there is no way he can cry foul and voter fraud. A line is being drawn where the election is coming down to 1 issue which is those who agree with diversity and those who oppose it. Laura Loomer and those who think as she does should be voted out in their next election as well. The citizens of the United States should come together and let Muslims know they have a place in this country. Silence is complacency and it's time for everyone who believes in diversity and the melting pot to say so. The fact that Loomer, Trump, and those with similar views were placed in office in the first place speaks volumes.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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Cheryl E Preston

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