Kamala Harris will be Donald Trump's worst nightmare along with Michelle Obama

by Cheryl E Preston about a month ago in politicians

The president has problems with women, educated females, women of color, and citizens of other nations. These women represent all the above.

Kamala Harris will be Donald Trump's worst nightmare along with Michelle Obama
Trump can’t handle women of color.

From the day that Donald Trump began running for office and during his first term as president, he has expressed intolerance of those different from himself. He continues to call the coronavirus as the "Kung flu" and "China virus." He recently referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas and said that Mexican immigrants were thieves and murderers. He continuously gives winks and nods to the far right and White supremacist groups and has said disparaging things about women, blacks, Muslims, and basically anyone who is not an older white male. After Michelle Obama's passionate speech at the Democratic National Convention, number 45 now has his worst nightmare staring him in the face.

Kamal Harris, who is Joe Biden's VP running mate for the 2020 presidential election was born in Oakland California, but her mother is from India and her father from Jamacia. This makes Harris 1. a female, 2. a woman of color, and 3., gives her a heritage that is from 2 nations that are not the United States. Michelle Obama is an African American woman who came through slavery. Both of these women are educated and are lawyers, something that at one time in this nation could only be said of white males. These women bring Trump's worst nightmare to life and make his deepest fears a reality.

Most people see Harris and Obama as black women but they represent so much more. Trump has once again started a birther conspiracy as he did with Michelle'sspouse former president Barak Obama. Number 45 lied that the 44th president was not an Amerian citizen and is doing the same with Joe Biden's running mate. Based on his past history and how he has not changed while residing in the White House, Donald Trump will show Americans and the world more of who he really is.

Racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, intolerance, and dog whistles to those who hate the diversity of the United States. Strong, assertive women, who represent people of color is not something that Donald Trump embraces. Michelle Obama reminds Trump of his past, which includes a biracial man preceding him into the highest office in the land. Kamal Harris causes Trump to fear the future where another person of color, who is a woman might be occupying the office that Mike Pence now holds. This is getting under number 45s skin and he will not be able to contain himself.

His ugly comments of "sleepy Joe" may pale in comparison to what American may hear from him when he sees that he truly may lose the election. Trump represents the old guard where men, white men were in all the power positions in America. This is changing and it is scaring him. All around him the landscape of the United States is evolving and Trump refuses to embrace the direction we are heading. Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris are a representation of America today, and also where we are heading. This frightens the president because he ran his 2016 campaign on returning this nation to a day and time where only those who look like himself had a voice.

America is at a crossroads and this is the most important election of our times. In spite of all the various issues that are facing citizens of the United States, the 2020 election really comes down to one issue. Which type of nation to residents of this country truly desire? Is it one that brings out Nazi's shouting "Jews will not replace us," and where the police are called on black people just for living in their skin? Do the majority of those living in the USA approve of what happened to George Floyd and believe he asked for it? If Americans desire more hate, vicious lies, and division then Donald J Trump will win in November.

If, however, the majority who live in the United States appreciate what Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama bring to the table, then Joe Biden will become the 46th president of this nation. Women and people of color will have a seat at the table and this is what Donald Trump fears most. He plays to the fears of white Americans who believe that outsiders are trying to take away the nation they have become accustomed to. Americans need to go to the polls in overwhelming numbers and vote Donald Trump out and Joe Biden in by a landslide. There needs to be no doubt that the voters have spoken for change.

Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama represent what the nation once stood for when Barak Obama was elected to two terms. They are the hope that yet again we can choose an America that embraces all citizens. This is what Donald Trump hates and fears. This is why these two women are his worst nightmare. Number 45 needs to wake up on the day after the election and realize that what he feared has indeed become a reality and that an overwhelming majority of voters had the final say.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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