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Tories Saying They Are Toast!

Tories Getting Ready for Election in January?

By Nicholas BishopPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Pondering Sunak.

It has been reported, that the Tories, may be getting ready, to call a general election, by January. Maybe, Sunak, thinks he has got nothing to lose whether he wins or not. Many pundits are thinking, that Jeremy Hunt's Autumn statement is showing the Tories are battle-ready!

The Autumn Statement contained things like a rise in benefits, a rise in pensions, and the rate of the minimum wage, to rise, in April. However, generous this autumn statement may sound, it is probably, too little, too late. The government wants to push people into work, saying that, if those in receipt of benefits, do not get with the programme, they will lose their benefits. Of course, this is aimed at, those who do not want to work.

However, those who have limited capacity for work or those who simply cannot work might be adversely affected. There have been thousands and thousands of cases, where those who cannot work, have lost their benefit. Ultimately, sadly, many have taken their own lives and this is the awful legacy of this government. So people, will not be, should not be, be fooled by this government's false promises contained in Hunt's winter statement.

The latest opinion polls put Labour at 46%, and Conservatives at 26%. Other parties like the Lib Dems, Greens, SNP, etc, are in there. Here, however, I am concentrating on the Conservatives and Labour. Why? When it comes to the voting system, known as, 'First Past The Post', only Labour and the Conservatives fit this. Therefore, they are usually and mostly, the parties, that win elections. Other parties get elected but do not form governments because the UK's system of voting, is not, proportional. Will this ever change? Unlikely, I would say, either now or in the future.

Tories have been warning Sunak, that migration, is the one thorn in their side. An 'Achilles heal' if you will. Despite, Sunak, saying he wants to 'Stop The Boats' migrants are still pouring over the channel. The ONS has published a report on migration into the UK. Net migration reached 672,000 which is an increase of 65,000. This exceeds last year's figures of 606,000.

When David Cameron came to power in 2010, he said, he would reduce this migration. Bring it down by 100,000 but that never happened. Sunak's Tory opponents said the Tories when re-elected in 2019, also, promised to bring down migration. This was on the back of a very 'jingoistic' anti-European/anti-migrant atmosphere that those on the right created. Such as Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, Boris Johnson, etc. Now in 2023, in the dying days, of this government, we have Sunak talking about stopping the boats. Yes, it's back to the future, where we began!

Many Tories, rightly, have said the UK does not have the infrastructure to keep taking people ad infinitum. It now seems many of the homeless on our streets are foreigners. They have lost their right to be here or have lost their accommodation. Desperate measures were taken by this government to deal with the migrant crisis. Transporting them to Rwanda, well, that never took off. And, by the looks of things, it may/will not. Housing migrants in barges. That's up and running, well at least, one barge is housing roughly 300 males.

So will Labour tackle migration any better? As of now, Labour, is not in power, so obviously, the jury is out on that one. Yvette Cooper seems to be a very capable Shadow Home Secretary. The proof of the pudding in how Labour tackles migration will be if they win the next general election.



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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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