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To Ganymede and beyond ahead of the great awakening

Crop circles reveal that aliens are among us

By Steve HarrisonPublished 5 months ago 6 min read
The 12 alleged signatories to the Jupiter agreements

So far there have been no reports in August of crop circles appearing in the wheat and barley fields of England’s heartland, but there have already been at least 15 this year, with six reported in July: at Chillandham Lane (two instances), Lane End Down and Barton Stacey in Hampshire; Norton Plantation in Wiltshire; and Cakebole Lane in Worcestershire.

The origins of these incredible patterns that emerge overnight across the cereal belts remains a mystery but our earlier article, The Pleiadian Explanation For The Crop-circle Conundrum, offers one possible theory that is as likely as any previously put forward… the notion being that “authentic crop circles are made by Pleiadians and Arcturians” under the command of the Galactic Federation Of Worlds, who utilise our planet’s “sacred geometry” to create the pictograms in areas where there are giant underground quartz deposits.

This scenario suggests “cloaked” spacecraft visiting our planet create the circles by activating underground crystals to generate surface patterns that serve as navigational aids and refuelling sites for other passing craft.

OK, it might require a rather large leap of faith to buy into the notion of cloaked extraterrestrial craft flying undetected around our planet, but there’s no shortage of literature on the subject across the internet, supported by the fact the United States, Russia and China have already established “space forces” of their own.

The story goes that in 2021 emissaries of the Galactic Federation met with representatives of the “Earth Alliance”, consisting of officials of nation states and executives of corporate bodies, in a set of 12 meetings held at a base on Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons, to discuss our planet’s evolution into a “space-fairing” civilisation.

During these meetings the Jupiter agreements were drawn up... with Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, South Korea, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States all signing the “Artemis Accords”. However six countries represented at the discussions – China, France, Germany, India, Israel and Russia – are believed to have decided against signing.

Now, if you find the idea of cloaked spaceships flying through our atmosphere tough to swallow you may also have difficulty coming to terms with a Galactic Federation, nevertheless it’s worth pointing out that its existence has been acknowledged by some notable political figures, including the former head of the Israeli Defence Ministry's space directorate, Haim Eshed, in a 2020 interview with the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, excerpts of which were also published in the Jerusalem Post.

Eshed said agreements existed with extraterrestrials, with the US government even allowing them to undertake “experiments” here, and the former head of Israel’s space directorate added that during his term in office as US president Donald Trump had wanted to reveal the information but was warned against it as it was felt the revelations could cause "mass hysteria" to break out.

"They have been waiting until today for humanity to develop and reach a stage where we will understand, in general, what space and spaceships are," Eshed said, referring to the Galactic Federation.

According to Eshed there is also an "underground base in the depths of Mars" populated by American astronauts and alien representatives.

Now, according to author Dr Michael Salla writing on his website, it is not only the three superpowers that have recently formed space commands. Salla also lists Britain (2021), Germany (2021), Italy (2021), Australia (2022) and France (2010) as joining Russia (2011), China (2015) and the US (2019) in setting up space commands for integrating their military activities in space.

However, perhaps more significantly, Nato is also believed to have set up a Space Centre in October 2020 that now runs its operations out of Ramstein Air Base in Germany, part of the Kaiserslautern military community that is home to the “largest American community outside of the United States”.

So, what’s the significance of this recent escalation in the Galactic Federation’s interest in our planet? Well, if you accept the Salla narrative, it’s that humanity is about to undergo an “awakening”, which I suppose has pitted our planet’s “overlords” – often referred to as the “industrial-military complex” orchestrated by the World Economic Forum – against the more benevolent Galactic Federation, which is apparently looking out for our planet’s interests rather than seeking to tighten its grip on power to subjugate humanity like the “New World Order” tyrants manipulating our international affairs.

Like you, I’d have scoffed at this notion a few years ago, but the Covid19 fiasco opened my eyes to the disinformation and manipulation that runs rife on our planet and pushed me down a rabbit hole that I’d probably never have realised existed until I started researching it all for myself.

The outcome? Well, I can’t say I accept the notion of a Galactic Federation Of Worlds and cloaked spacecraft making pretty patterns in the corn, but I find them just as convincing as the fake plandemic that crippled economies from 2020-21 and the horrendous false-flag attacks of 11 September 2001, allegedly carried out by the US industrial-military complex against its own civilian population.

Governments conjured up the term “fake news” to dispel alternative theories about world events, but the only information you can count on being heinously distorted is that emanating from the “NWO-controlled” global organisations – comprised of a very small group of mammoth corporations with tentacles that stretch across all media outlets – whose propaganda pollutes our perception of world affairs.

The Ukraine is a classic example... a nation supposedly at war with Russia, but with both countries’ tennis players toiling side-by-side at Wimbledon, while online poker sites are bursting with Ukrainian players more focused on how to extract the most value from a nut flush than an impending Russian missile strike. Both Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky simply puppets of the World Economic Forum.

It’s all a terrible charade that tragically impacts on the lives of those unfortunate to be caught up in the middle of the staged media events orchestrated to legitimise the conflict, whille Zelensky and his government are being paid handsomely to play along and Putin’s got his seat on the executive committee so he’s fine with Russia being the WEF’s scapegoat.

The BBC tells you the country’s are at war, so your heart reaches out to the people of Ukraine while representatives of its government are sat around a table on Ganymede, discussing how Putin, Zelensky and their WEF buddies can secure the rights to mine on Mars and set their children up with a tower block or two in London, New York or Toronto. Tell me, what’s the fake news?


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From Covid to the Ukraine and Gaza... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these globalist agendas.


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