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The Pleiadian explanation for the crop-circle conundrum

Is quartz the key to pictogram placement?

By Steve HarrisonPublished 8 months ago 8 min read
The Owslebury crop circle in Hampshire

Having done extensive research on the “crop circle” phenomenon I’ve yet to come across a satisfactory explanation for their creation but, once again, 2023 is proving a bumper season for “croppies”, with another example reported on Monday this week near Owslebury in Hampshire.

Some of the earliest documented cases, dating back to the 1980s, were clearly the work of hoaxers using simple technology to trample patterns in the grain fields under the cover of darkness... but many of the more impressive examples seem to magically appear and suggest far more sophisticated methods of creation, the fields being normal one minute and then mysteriously exhibiting extremely complex designs shortly afterwards.

And, rather than showing signs of being trampled, the plant nodes display evidence of being subjected to high levels of microwave energy… this “blasting” effect seemingly causing water inside the nodes to vaporise and dislodge, resulting in the stalks bending over to produce extremely complex patterns.

One researcher in the field, physicist Richard Taylor from the University of Oregon in the United States, has noted the nodes appear to have been blasted out on one side, and not simply flattened, with his conclusion being the creators must be utilising GPS devices, lasers and microwaves to produce such astonishing geometric patterns.

Each year many of these amazing designs appear but nobody can offer a clear explanation for their creation and their incredible complexity but, in reading up on the Owslebury design, I came across an interesting theory in an Instagram post by “pleiadian_disclosure”.

The "pleiadian_disclosure" Instagram post

The post claimed “authentic crop circles are made by Pleiadians and Arcturians”, under the command of the Galactic Federation alliance, who utilise our planet’s “sacred geometry” to create the pictograms in areas where there are giant underground quartz deposits. The “cloaked” spacecraft create the circles by activating the underground crystals, which generate surface patterns that serve as navigational aids and refuelling sites for other passing craft.

“The design has never been placed from the surface, but always from below,” the post claims. “This is done by activation of vibrational frequency from above to the crystals, which then produce the programmed design.”

The post continues by suggesting the crop-circle messages are open to interpretation: “They are not crucial communications. Like all craft sightings, lights, and strange sounds, these patterns are meant to prompt more questions, to speed up our awakening.”

However, they do serve as navigational aids and refuelling stations for extraterrestrials, Pleiadian and Arcturian, visiting our planet: “These are messages for those races that are flying in crafts around the planet at all moments. We also use them as frequency placement for energy transmissions from beneath the Earth to crafts and replenishment from crafts to ground.

“Much as you would understand a service station to fill a car with gasoline and at the same time having a large vehicle arrive to fill the tanks. This is an ongoing operation.”

Now, this explanation is, on the surface, as bizarre as any of the others to have been put forward over the decades, but it does introduce some intriguing factors into the mix… notably the suggestion of refuelling and communication stations for Pleiadian and Arcturian visitors from other star systems and their mastery of cloaking technology to hide their craft from view, which takes us firmly into the realms of Star Trek and the inspiration behind Gene Roddenberry’s ground-breaking sci-fi series.

It is widely speculated that before writing the series, Roddenberry was one of a select group of people invited to attend Pentagon briefings in the 1950s conducted by an extraterrestrial visitor from Venus named Valiant Thor, whose story features in Frank Stranges’ book a Stranger At The Pentagon, first published in 1967.

Stranges, who at the time had top-secret security clearance, tells how on 16 March 1957 an alien craft landed in Alexandria, Virginia, carrying four extraterrestrials, including “Val” who was later invited to live at the Pentagon for three years and given VIP status by then-president Dwight Eisenhower, who met with him on several occasions along with his deputy Richard Nixon and his defence secretary Neil McElroy.

Stranges claims Val and his team met regularly with senior government officials, including Air Force commanders, and gave advice on policy and how to liaise with other extraterrestrial visitors. And, the briefings were not only held for military personnel… a number of civilians were invited to the gatherings, including Roddenberry.

In his book, Stranges claims Val was an envoy of the Galactic Federation of Light from Venus, where his people live under the planet's surface. According to the lore surrounding the Galactic Federation of Light, it is said to have been founded more than 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional forces from exploiting our galaxy and has more than 200,000 confederations as members, with about 40 per cent being humanoid and the rest a variety of sentient beings.

Stranges describes how the Venusians live below the planet’s surface and have advanced telepathic abilities, allowing them to communicate through thought transference and enabling them to communicate in, and understand, more than 100 languages.

Val’s mission to Earth followed our planet’s discovery of nuclear technology and he is said to have given Eisenhower a message from the federation’s high council offering a plan that would enable mankind to live without war, sickness, or death... but it was rejected by Eisenhower who believed a policy of disarmament would destroy the world economy, something which the planet was not equipped to deal with at the time.

But, although the offer was rejected, the Venusian visitors were invited to help American scientists working on medical projects related to space travel and Val and his crew provided advice and shared some of their technology.

At the end of his mission, Val returned to Venus but continued his association with our planet and explained that extraterrestrials from a distant planetary system would soon come to Earth to assist in furthering the planet’s development.

He is said to have later returned to Earth himself and lived with his crew aboard their craft, Victor One, near the shoreline of Lake Mead in Nevada, which was surrounded by a force field that cloaked it from sight, although it was possible to spot dust or bugs blowing against the ship during wind storms.

Now cloaking technology is a staple of the Star Trek franchise and is achieved by the selective bending of light, and other energy forms, to render an object invisible to the electromagnetic spectrum and most sensory equipment.

But, it’s all just sci-fi isn’t it? Well, actually no, the United States Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) is already at the point of creating invisibility suits for combatants and has made huge advances in creating cloaking technology for aircraft and other military vehicles through the development of metamaterials that distort the visible spectrum to make objects virtually undetectable by the human eye.

So, cloaked Pleiadian space cruisers ─ under the command of the Galactic Federation of Light ─ using our planet’s “sacred geometry” to create patterns in the crops to serve as navigational aids and refuelling points for other extraterrestrial visitors by activating underground quartz deposits?

Well, it’s quite possibly the most plausible explanation I’ve come across so far, but then I am a child of the Star Trek generation... and, as well as the United Federation of Planets and cloaked Romulan and Klingon battle cruisers, the concept of crystals forming the power source for spacecraft is a familiar concept. But, is it just science fiction, or had Roddenberry really been informed of such technology by a visitor from Venus in the 1950s?

A fundamental principal of the theory is that our planet is being constantly visited by Galactic Federation spacecraft that oversee our planet’s development but remain largely invisible because of the cloaking technology they are fitted with. Is it really possible for a giant spaceship to remain hidden while activating underground quartz deposits programmed to create amazing crop patterns through frequency vibration?

It would seem so! When light, from any wavelength, shines on an object it is either reflected and bounces back to our eyes making it visible... or it is absorbed but leaves a shadow. In either case, the object doesn't appear to be transparent… the concept of cloaking technology is to bend light around it so anyone looking at it from any angle only sees what's behind it, effectively rendering it transparent and invisible to the eye.

In October 2019, Canada-based Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation, known for providing camouflage equipment to the military worldwide, filed four patents associated with a new material called Quantum Stealth, a relatively inexpensive and flexible metamaterial that apparently not only bends light around a target in the visible spectrum but also bends ultraviolet, infrared and shortwave infrared light, while also blocking the object's thermal signature and its shadow.

The thin metamaterial is made from a slightly offset pair of “lenticular” lenses, causing a "negative refractive index” that bends the light and shows background details but also creates a "dead spot" directly behind the material for an object to hide, leaving people blind to the illusion.

So, cloaking a spaceship? Surely it would be a breeze for a Galactic Federation that’s been around for 4.5 million years. And, what about activating underground crystals to produce a vibration that creates elaborate patterns in cereal fields? Well, if you own a watch, have played an LP on a record player or use voice-recognition software on your laptop then it should come as no surprise that electricity flows from crystals due to something known as the piezoelectric effect, which sends an electric current across the sides of a crystal when it is subjected to mechanical stress, usually created by squeezing it.

In practice, the crystal becomes a kind of tiny battery with a positive charge on one face and a negative charge on the opposite face; the current flows if the two faces are connected to make a circuit. In the reverse piezoelectric effect, a crystal becomes mechanically stressed and changes shape when voltage is applied across its opposite faces.

Therefore, using frequency and vibration to activate underground crystals through the piezoelectric effect to cause cereal nodes to explode does not seem a huge stretch of the imagination either… has the “pleiadian_disclosure” Instagram page finally solved the crop-circle conundrum?


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