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by Yasmeen Dahdah 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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The Dismantling of Our Reality Testing

Propaganda is just part of the situation | Needpix

I would totally believe in the theory of human ignorance, if it weren't for the fact that when cures do show up, or when information with the potential to help billions starts spreading IT IS SHUT DOWN. THAT IS PROOF, UNEQUIVOCAL PROOF TO ME THAT THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY SEEM: A WELL MEANING SCIENTIFIC WORLD WITH OUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART, THE AUTHORITY ON WHAT DISEASES ARE AND HOW THEY WORK.

It's just so tempting to believe that they are hard at work, developing vaccines to the best of their knowledge, because they want to protect us. There are certainly well-meaning individuals who have made it their life's work, who have given their lives to the people, to 'the cure'. But what framework are they contained within? It is one that controls what goes in and what goes out, down to the smallest micro-detail. What they learn at medical school from whom, and how, what they promote, who gets to share their work in top journals. Who gets access to their own data in studies. It all has this stamp of approval on it of some higher up that directs the flow of information, and therefore directs the conversation. This can be traced back to the days that funds were given to schools in exchange for teaching certain information, and accepting certain powerful individuals into their board of directors.

Censorship is a Trojan horse. It is often not an outspoken command, but a plan orchestrated decades in advance, dominoes consecutively falling into place and activating the next step. Everything that is happening plays into the hands of somebody, there is an end goal. There is always an agenda with the fear propaganda, an outcome that is being pushed. The Hegelian dialectical dictates that the perpetrator creates the problem, mass panic results and at the point of maximum chaos and confusion, lo and behold, they step in with the perfectly tailored solution. All we see playing out on the world stage is a farce. It is an agenda of separation and fear. It wants your dis-empowerment, your compliance and for you to never wake up. And there is so much to wake up to. SO many beautiful things to be alive for. So much that changes when you take matters into your own hands. When you learn the truth, that we can heal ourselves. We have nature to help us do it. Did you know that most natural remedies DO NOT get FDA approval because there is no way to patent nature?

People get arrested for claiming an extract heals a disease? Leaders that started movements and healed thousands of people are shut down, put out of business, censored, jailed and sometimes even killed? Put simply, there IS a cure for every single thing we have been told is incurable. Let this sink in. Every impossible case. AIDS. Herpes. Cancer. There is a CURE. There is no one size fits all, which in and of itself should have us skeptical of big pharma, which totes this very deal. How can a pill help multiple people that are all different and have different versions of the same disease? Healing is a different thing, a more intimate thing. A relationship between you and your body and a journey of coming to the truth. You can't heal using misinformation but you can most definitely do so when you are given the tools. You don't need lifelong medications or vaccines. You need to minimise and detoxify from toxins and heavy metals, boost your immune system and get rid of underlying infections.

By National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

This underlying infection aspect is so fascinating because it is behind many of the mysterious symptoms we experience, and why suddenly someone becomes fatally ill seemingly out of nowhere. Many viruses and pathogens live on dormant in the body, lying in wait for the right conditions to resurface. Medications rely upon managing symptoms or suppressing the havoc the virus causes. True healing eradicates the source of the problem, removes its environment, boost your defenses and gives you the tools to thrive, to come back to life, beat it, and win should it ever try to reinfect you again. We learned this when we were kids. If you beat a pathogen, you beat it for life because you now have antibodies against it. So that is enough incentive to address these issues rather than be hooked on life long medication sprees that keep one attached to these invader codes, responsible for much of our energy drain.

Maybe getting injected with a deactivated form of the code will do the trick? What tells you that's not a Trojan horse cell that can be remotely activated whenever their agenda calls for it? What tells us the government is essentially 'good' and all that they do is unquestionably pure of intent towards the human race? Who told you? They told you? Is that a joke? The same players that are decimating our environment, polluting our waters, dropping poisons on whole cities, making you pay to stay distracted, sick and penniless? The same people out here murdering people and covering it up? Sending people to jail for LIFE LONG sentences? We are desensitized out here. People are spending ENTIRE LIVES IN JAIL. Just think about that for a second. Entire lives between four walls, piss poor nutrition, their own minds, drugs and violence.

By Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Animals are slaughtered by the BILLIONS each year, in cages not fit for existence, killed in the dark, suffering, tortured and miserable. Entire cities are poisoned, and big lawsuits come and cover it up. Generations grow up disabled and traumatised because of it. Children work in hoards, as slaves, to put together consumerist threads for the next biggest trend. What drives this all? What is the machine? Our reality testing get so jacked we can't see what they really mean? Who they really are? They've given us all the clues. It's all in plain sight. That's the great thing about this game, it's deception right before your eyes. You're told all there is to know, primed decades in advance for each new rolling out of a further level of control. Viruses are programs. Programming is a mind virus. It holds your energy captive, your vibration, your very life force. The spinning of atoms of the billions of microorganisms that live in your gut, that are your immune system, is arrested by the work of these self same self proclaimed hands of god, with the modified food, the fully approved chemical warfare waged daily against us.

So your reality testing goes down, your intuition goes down, and next thing you know you are the perfect victim for their marketing. A perfect host for a perfect virus. There is no virus, that's the best part. The best orchestrated placebo act only ever had to make you believe you had no power, looking to the big guy for your next move, for your fix. Oh they'll give it to you. What are you waiting for? I ain't going to say I told you so. How long will you wait? When will you see? When they announce martial law? Prevent travel? Lock us down? When everyone you know starts dying in hoards from inexplicable diseases? When we're all micro chipped and dressed for slaughter?

All I know is all the signs are there, everything is out in the open. It's already bad enough, don't let it get worse for you if it doesn't have to. Shit is about to go down, as always a level higher in the spiral. There isn't anything that can hold us down unless we invite it. Don't be a good host. Wash your hands of their bullshit. See things for what they are. Stop funding criminals. Don't poison your internal terrain and wonder why it breeds what it breeds. In the end, you are responsible. That is our greatest power. When we choose to say no, when we activate our light, boost our defenses, we become foolproof pathways invaders cannot cross. Only then, only then will this stop. Don't buy the hype, don't buy a mask. Look behind the veil, look past the common narrative. The absurdity of the human condition at this point spinning like a top at the end of a string that most don't dare to follow to see where it leads. Ain't gonna say I told you so, but the rabbit hole goes deep. Keep your bullshit detector on high, filter out the fear, feed yourself real food, real love, natural anti-invader essences, and take a step closer to who you really are, in your divine role play on earth.


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Yasmeen Dahdah

I am a writer, Biologist and researcher raising awareness and offering alternatives for autoimmune and mental illness, women's health, nutrition and holistic treatment. I write on facebook at /yasmeen.dahdah,/naturalorderco,/toxicitysupport

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